The 10 Most Hated Pizza Toppings & The 10 Most Loved

The 10 Most Hated Pizza Toppings & The 10 Most Loved

Pizza is arguably one of the most beloved foods in America, and a huge part of that is because of its customizability. You can have your pizza however you want it. Whether you're a massive meat lover, vegetarian, or pure cheese pizza lover, the best part of ordering a pizza is choosing what goes on it. While everyone has different tastes, there are a couple of ingredients that typically stand out as being beloved or hated. Here are the top 10 most hated pizza toppings and the 10 most loved.

1. Pineapple

While this controversial topping does have a large following in support of it, there's an equally large number of haters out there too. That's why pineapple has ended up on this list of 10 most hated pizza toppings. Many people aren't a fan of having fruit on their pizzas; its overly sweet taste ruins the balance of all the flavours. This love-it-or-hate-it ingredient has been (and continues to be) the topic of many internet arguments.

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2. Anchovies

When you think of the most hated pizza toppings, there's always one that makes the list: anchovies. Known for their strong, pungent, and fishy taste, people generally dislike having this ingredient on their pizza. It turns every bite overwhelmingly salty, something not everyone enjoys. 

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3. Olives

Olives have a unique flavour profile that doesn't quite work for everyone. Its briny, salty flavour can be too overpowering for many pizzas, making it one of those toppings people always try to pick out. It's definitely another love-it-or-hate-it kind of ingredient.

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4. Broccoli

Broccoli on pizza? While it's not the most popular or common of pizza toppings, its appearance every so often is certainly an unwelcome one. It's just not something that works well with the texture and flavour of pizza. Not to mention, if it's not prepared properly, it might just make a soggy, wet mess of the dough.

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5. Spinach

Already generally considered a disliked vegetable, throwing spinach on pizza doesn't make it any better. Its soggy texture doesn't give it any extra points, and it might just make the crust wet and mushy. Some things just don't belong on a pizza, even if it adds some nutritional value.

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6. Eggplant

Eggplant is such an uncommon pizza topping that you might never even have had it before. But let us tell you, for people who have experienced it, they generally don't have the best reviews on it. Because its texture can be spongy and even slimy, it's typically seen as an incredibly unappetizing topping.

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7. Artichokes

Who loves artichokes to begin with? Having a very distinct flavour and texture that can be difficult to pair with on a pizza, artichokes aren't a very favoured topping. Let's just say they aren't really appreciated on pizzas because of their strange and briny taste.

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8. Hot Peppers

Not everyone appreciates a bit of heat in their food, even on a pizza. For people who fear spicy food, hot peppers are their enemies. Especially if it's so spicy, it completely overpowers the rest of the ingredients and flavours of the pizza as a whole.

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9. Tuna

With its strong, fishy flavour, tuna is one of those pizza toppings that can completely overshadow the entire dish. No one really wants to take a big bite of pizza only to be left with the taste of tuna in their mouth! Besides, when it's baked, the tuna can have a weird and dry texture that isn't very appealing.

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10. Corn

While corn is quite popular as a pizza topping in other countries such as South Korea, here in America, it definitely isn't as widely embraced. For one, its overly sweet taste might not sit well with people who don't appreciate sweet and savory combinations. And for another, having toppings that are too sweet just ruins the overall balance of flavours on the pizza.

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1. Pepperoni

If we're talking classic, beloved pizza toppings, there's nothing out there more appreciated than pepperoni. It's arguably the most popular pizza topping in America after all! Adding a delightful crisp crunch to every bite and a ton of flavour, it just pairs so perfectly with the melted cheese and tangy tomato sauce.

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2. Mushrooms

For people who want an added depth of flavour to their pizza, mushrooms are the most common go-to. They have a wonderful earthy flavour that surprisingly pairs well with a variety of ingredients, and its flavour isnt too overbearing. It meshes so well with all the flavours that people love on a pizza.

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3. Onions

Giving your pizza a nice bite to it, onions are another surprisingly common topping that people often pair with sausage, peppers, or mushrooms. It doesn't take away or overwhelm anything else on the pizza, but it just gives enough of a nice sweet and sharp flavour.

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4. Sausage

Whether it's a tasty sausage crumble or juicy cut up slices, sausage is a welcome topping that most people can appreciate. Its wonderfully savory flavours meshes so well with the pizza's rich and herby notes, making it a go-to pairing. You can add it on to your pepperoni pizza for an even meatier taste too.

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5. Bacon

As one of America's all time favourite foods, are you really that surprised to see bacon is a beloved pizza topping? Giving each bite a smoky, salty flavour, people love bacon not just for its taste, but for its added texture too. 

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6. Extra Cheese

Cheese, cheese, and more cheese. When it comes to pizza, people can never get enough of cheese. If it's not melted and giving you the perfect gooey pull, it's just not done correctly! 

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7. Chicken

When it comes to protein on a pizza, another popular choice is chicken. Perfect for BBQ chicken pizzas and a variety of others, this versatile meat can be prepared in so many ways. Whether it's barbecued, done buffalo style, simply grilled, or perhaps even fried, it's a great pizza topping that can satisfy a variety of different taste preferences.

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8. Green Peppers

Here's one vegetable people won't complain about when they see it on a pizza: green peppers. Providing a mild taste and a crunchy bite, green peppers pair well with the meat and cheese, making it a wonderful addition to any pizza. We also tend to eat with our eyes first, and seeing that beautiful pop of green makes it more appetizing too.

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9. Ham

If you do love a little bit of sweet and savory on your pizza, choosing ham as your meat is definitely the way to go. It's a bit lighter than other meat options like pepperoni or bacon, but it's just as satisfying. It goes great with the tomato sauce too, and if you really do love pineapple on pizza, it's the best meat pairing for that.

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10. Sun-dried Tomatoes

Feeling a tad bit fancy today? If you want to elevate your pizza and give it a little bit of class, throwing on some sun-dried tomatoes will definitely do the trick. Giving an extra burst of tomato flavour, you'll fall in love with its sweet and tangy flavour profile, but also the chewy texture it provides. It's great for cutting into an especially rich tasting pizza.

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