20 Popular International Snacks All Americans Will Love

20 Popular International Snacks All Americans Will Love

Yes, chips can be a satisfying crunchy snack, but sometimes when you're feeling a bit more adventurous, you should step outside of your comfort zone to explore all the delicious snacks the entire WORLD has to offer. From more commonly recognized snacks like churros and tim tams to intriguing global treats like dragon beard candy, let's explore them all!

1. Takoyaki (Japan)

Takoyaki are delightful little balls of savory pancake batter filled with octopus, originating from Japan. Cooked in a special molded pan, they're crispy on the outside and wonderfully gooey on the inside. Drizzled with mayonnaise and takoyaki sauce, they're a street food sensation that's absolutely addictive.

Amy-Suraya-1Ohusz2Hchk-UnsplashPhoto by Amy Suraya on Unsplash

2. Pão de Queijo (Brazil)

Brazil's Pão de Queijo, or cheese bread, is a bite-sized burst of cheesy goodness. These gluten-free snacks are made with tapioca flour and filled with gooey cheese, creating a unique combination of chewy and soft textures. Perfect for cheese lovers, they're a must-try for a comforting snack experience.

Ricardo-Bacelar-9Pjoyi Eqpy-UnsplashPhoto by Ricardo Bacelar on Unsplash

3. Bitterballen (Netherlands)

Hailing from the Netherlands, Bitterballen are mouthwatering meat-based snacks that taste much better than they sound. These deep-fried balls are filled with a mixture of beef, broth, butter, and herbs, encased in a crunchy breadcrumb coating. Served with mustard for dipping, they're the epitome of comfort food.

Bitterballen-3733357 1280Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

4. Churros (Spain)

Churros are a sweet treat from Spain that have gained international fame. These long, fried dough pastries are crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and typically dusted with sugar. Often served with a rich chocolate dipping sauce, they're perfect for dessert or a sweet snack.

Churros-2188871 1280Image by Дарья Яковлева from Pixabay


5. Samosas (India)

Samosas are a popular Indian snack known for their spiced potato and pea filling, wrapped in a crisp pastry shell. These triangular treats are often accompanied by tangy chutneys, adding an extra layer of flavor. They're a perfect blend of spicy, savory, and crunchy.

Kabir-Cheema-8T9Avksyt7S-Unsplash (1)Photo by kabir cheema on Unsplash

6. Kimbap (South Korea)

Kimbap, often referred to as Korean sushi, is a delightful snack made from steamed rice and various fillings, all rolled in seaweed. Common fillings include vegetables, egg, and cooked meats, making it a versatile, satisfying, and filling snack.

Devi-Puspita-Amartha-Yahya-I Ycz3I3Fya-UnsplashPhoto by Devi Puspita Amartha Yahya on Unsplash

7. Pierogi (Poland)

Pierogi are Polish dumplings that come with a variety of fillings, ranging from savory to sweet. The most traditional ones are stuffed with a mixture of potato, cheese, and onions. Boiled or fried, these dumplings are a comforting and hearty snack.

Cooking-2132874 1280Image by Дарья Яковлева from Pixabay

8. Gaz (Iran)

Gaz is a traditional Persian nougat, originating from the city of Isfahan in Iran. This delicacy is made from pistachios or almonds bound in a sweet, sticky mixture of sugar and rosewater, giving it a soft, chewy texture. Often dusted with powdered sugar, Gaz is a luxurious treat that balances the nutty crunch with a floral sweetness.

Gaz Candy From IranSidster on Wikimedia Commons

9. Baklava (Middle East)

Baklava is a sweet pastry that hails from the Middle East. Layers of filo pastry are filled with nuts and soaked in honey or syrup. It's a sticky, sweet, and nutty treat that offers a delightful crunch with every bite.

Baklava(1)Sakaman on Wikimedia Commons

10. Lamingtons (Australia)

Lamingtons are an Australian specialty, consisting of squares of sponge cake coated in chocolate sauce and rolled in desiccated coconut. Often filled with jam or cream, these treats are light, fluffy, and perfectly sweet.

1024Px-Lamingtons And A Cup Of TeaCoastal.culture.vulture on Wikimedia Commons


11. Tim Tams (Australia)

From the land down under, Tim Tams are more than just a chocolate biscuit; they're an Australian icon. These delectable treats consist of two layers of chocolate-malted biscuit, sandwiching a creamy chocolate filling and coated in a thin layer of textured chocolate. Perfect for a sweet indulgence, they're famously enjoyed with a 'Tim Tam Slam'.

Tim TamsBilby on Wikimedia Commons

12. Stroopwafels (Netherlands)

Stroopwafels, a Dutch masterpiece, are thin, round waffles filled with a rich, gooey caramel syrup. Placed over a hot beverage, the steam gently warms the waffle, melting the caramel to a perfect, gooey consistency. It's a heavenly combination of crunchy and sweet.

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13. Knafeh (Middle East)

Knafeh, a cheese pastry soaked in sweet, sugar-based syrup, is a popular dessert in the Middle East. It's made with a layer of thin noodle-like pastry or semolina dough, embraced by a layer of soft, white cheese, and topped with a rich syrup. The combination of the gooey cheese filling and the crunchy exterior makes it an irresistible treat.

J'afar Sweets - Beit Hanina - Mabruma Knafeh - No. 1Pinhas stern on Wikimedia Commons

14. Turrón (Spain)

Turrón is a traditional Spanish confection, typically enjoyed during the holiday season. This sweet treat is made from honey, sugar, egg white, and toasted almonds or other nuts, creating a chewy, nougat-like texture. Each bite is a delightful mix of sweet and nutty flavors.

Turrón De Alicante (Casa Mira)Tamorlan on Wikimedia Commons

15. Dragon Beard Candy (China)

Dragon Beard Candy, a traditional Chinese sweet, is as fascinating to watch being made as it is to eat. This delicate confection is made from sugar and maltose syrup, stretched into thin, hair-like strands and wrapped around a filling of peanuts, sesame seeds, and coconut. It's a unique, melt-in-your-mouth experience.

Dragons Beard CandyRichard Lai (myself), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

16. Biltong (South Africa)

Biltong is South Africa's answer to beef jerky, but with a unique twist. It's air-dried meat, traditionally beef or game, seasoned with various spices. The result is a savory, chewy snack that's packed with flavor.

Biltong ShopSaifunny on Wikimedia Commons


17. Halva (Middle East)

Halva is a dense, sweet confection popular across the Middle East. Made from ground sesame seeds or sunflower seeds mixed with sugar or honey, it has a crumbly, fudge-like texture and comes in a variety of flavors, often including nuts or dried fruit.

Orient Sweets (Special Halva) Samarkand, SiyabShuhrenataxmedov on Wikimedia Commons

18. Pocky (Japan)

Pocky, a beloved Japanese snack, consists of thin, crisp biscuit sticks coated with a layer of chocolate, strawberry, matcha, or other flavored creams. They're fun to eat, easy to share, and offer a delightful crunch with every bite.

George-Dagerotip-Swrcm2Isimm-UnsplashPhoto by George Dagerotip on Unsplash

19. Panipuri (India)

Panipuri, also known as Golgappa, is a popular Indian street snack. These are small, round, hollow puris, fried crisp and filled with a mixture of flavored water, tamarind chutney, chili, chaat masala, potato, onion, and chickpeas. It's a burst of flavors in a single bite.

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20. Rice Crackers (Japan)

Rice Crackers, known as Senbei in Japan, are a quintessential Japanese snack. These crispy delights are made from rice and come in various shapes and sizes, often flavored with soy sauce, seaweed, or other seasonings. Some are sweet, some savory, and others even spicy, offering a satisfying crunch with each bite.

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