25 Weird KitKat Flavours You'll Be Shocked to Hear Exist

25 Weird KitKat Flavours You'll Be Shocked to Hear Exist

If there's one chocolate brand out there that's extremely innovative and different, it's got to be KitKat. In Japan, you can get dozens of different flavours ranging from safe favourites (like strawberry, white chocolate, etc.) to wildly bizarre ones (as you're about to see!). So instead of getting your usual milk chocolate KitKat, expand your horizons a bit! Try some of these truly weird flavours to experience some unique flavour combinations in chocolate you can't get anywhere else.

1. Wasabi

For a moment, just imagine that sharp, pungent kick of wasabi wafting through the air. Great, now imagine that but in a chocolate bar. No, we're not kidding! This Japanese-inspired KitKat takes two contradictory flavours and smashes them together in an unexpected way. There's a subtle heat to this treat with that unmistakable wasabi zing, but it somehow works with the sweet chocolate...we think. You'll just have to give it a try to see if it fits your taste!

Kitkat Uji Matcha (Green Tea From Uji) Split (6375449255)Bodo on Wikimedia Commons

2. Soy Sauce

Never underestimate soy sauce - it works great in desserts and sweet treats too! Taking your taste buds on an unexpected journey, this Soy Sauce-flavoured KitKat will definitely surprise you. The savory, umami-rich taste of the soy sauce blends in an intriguing way with the sweetness of the chocolate, creating a flavour profile that's both bold, and dare we say, harmonious?!

Restaurant-4710464 1280Photo by 12138562O on Pixabay

3. Baked Potato

We all love to say potatoes taste good in anything, but would you be confident to say that when it's paired with chocolate? Well, give it a try then because it's a real thing! The Baked Potato KitKat is a unique one; it captures the earthy, comforting essence of a baked potato, but it's wrapped in a sweet chocolate shell that gives it a new taste. It's a weird marriage of flavours, but for some, it's oddly satisfying.

Potato-874775 1280 (1)Image by Andrea Breithuber from Pixabay

4. Cough Drop

KitKat really turned heads with this utterly bizarre flavour: cough drop. That's right, that love-it-or-hate-it medicinal tang of a traditional cough drop, thrown in with the tasty flavours of a KitKat. The result? A minty, slightly herbal tasting chocolate bar that will provide you with a truly unparalleled snacking experience. 

Sweets-545279 1280Image by Esther Merbt from Pixabay


5. Sake

A respectful nod to Japan's beloved rice wine, the Sake KitKat has a surprisingly light flavour. This snack has a delicate (but definitely boozy) sweetness that perfectly echoes the nuances of sake, and when paired with the smoothness of white chocolate, it's a sophisticated treat you wouldn't think would work as well as it does.

Sake-2336231 1280Image by quintonwu from Pixabay

6. Sweet Potato

Sweet potato has the word "sweet" in its name, so it can't be half bad paired with chocolate right? Right! The Sweet Potato KitKat captures the gentle, natural sweetness of this tasty root vegetable, with the creamy chocolate complementing its earthiness. The result is a unique twist for both of these familiar flavours!

Sweet-Potatoes-3937451 1280Image by ivabalk from Pixabay

7. Corn

Corn KitKat is pretty much as intriguing as it sounds. Although corn has a subtle sweetness you'd probably expect would go well with the creamy texture of chocolate, it's still a strange pairing that catches you off guard. It creates a novel flavour that'll taste both familiar and different. Contradictory, but it's true!

Pop-Corn-785074 1280Image by Abdulhakeem Samae from Pixabay

8. Apple Vinegar

Apple Vinegar KitKat is an incredibly bold venture into the more sharp and tangy flavours. The acidic, strong notes of apple vinegar is a difficult flavour to work with, but KitKat does it well. Cutting through the sweetness of the chocolate, you're left with a puckering yet somehow pleasant taste that's actually refreshing. Don't knock it till you try it.

Apples-1008880 1280Image by wicherek from Pixabay

9. Hot Japanese Chili

Spice lovers, we've got the perfect flavour combo for you. The Hot Japanese Chili KitKat is everything you want in a spicy chocolate bar; it's a fiery fusion of the best of both sweet and spicy! The heat from the chili is a slow-burner (it'll slowly build for sure), creating a bright and exhilarating chocolate experience that definitely isn't for everyone.

Chili-991262 1280Image by Mira Cosic from Pixabay

10. Edamame Soybean

A delightful fusion of both sweet and savoy, Edamame Soybean KitKat (now that's a mouthful) is a shockingly good combo. The fresh, nutty flavour of edamame beans blends well with the creamy, sweet chocolate, creating a snack that's both unusual and satisfying. It's a playful and respectful nod to one of Japan's favourite snacks!

Soybean-6577766 1280Image by MYCCF from Pixabay


11. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera KitKat is as refreshing as it sounds. This unique chocolate flavour has a light, slightly floral taste that's mingled with the creamy, milkiness of the chocolate. The flavours don't clash at all, in fact, they sit together perfectly in harmony.

Aloe-2163120 1280Image by Franziska Ingold from Pixabay

12. Red Bean Sandwich

An ode to one of Japan's iconic flavours, the Red Bean Sandwich KitKat draws inspiration from this traditional Japanese sweet. The rich flavour of the red beans is undeniably perfect with the smooth chocolate, creating an amazing "East meets West" flavour in every single bite.

Bean-Paste-Bread-1702893 1280Image by zhaona1206 from Pixabay

13. Basil

Err, basil? Yeah, you read that right. KitKat has even ventured into the herbaceous territory, creating a fresh, aromatic flavour that contrasts nicely with the chocolate. Can we call this Italian-Japanese fusion? Probably not, but it's a cool experience that'll taste both refined and unexpected. 

Top-View-1248955 1280Image by Konstantin Kolosov from Pixabay

14. Pear

Capturing the gentle, juicy essence of ripe pears, this delicious KitKat flavour will surprise you. The fruity, slightly tangy taste of the pear complements the creamy chocolate really nicely. The result is a refreshing and elegant snack that explodes with sweet flavour in every bite.

Pear-3560106 1280Image by Ilo from Pixabay

15. Cantaloupe

Perfectly capturing the summer flavours, Cantaloupe KitKat is the best combo to enjoy in the summertime. Combining the sweet flavour of melon with rich chocolate, it's a pairing that tastes as delicious as it sounds. You simply can't go wrong with these two flavours!

Melons-848086 1280Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

16. Miso Soup

Back to savory we go with this Miso Soup KitKat concoction. It's a bold experiment that combines the savory umami of miso soup with sweet chocolate, creating a wildly different flavour profile you've never experienced before.

Soup-Pot-1090137 1280Image by Eak K. from Pixabay


17. Rum Raisin

For something a little more sophisticated, KitKat created the Rum Raisin flavour that brings the mature, boozy notes of rum and the sweet chewiness of raisins into a chocolate bar. This is definitely the flavour we'd call "perfect for grown-ups".

Food-624603 1280Image by forwimuwi73 from Pixabay

18. Sakura Matcha

Bringing traditional Japanese flavours to the forefront, the Sakura Matcha KitKat is truly a delightful blend. The floral, cherry blossom (sakura) essence combined with the earthy depth of the matcha green tea results in a beautiful balanced and aromatic chocolate treat.

1024Px-Kit Kat Matcha-9138Raimond Spekking on Wikimedia Commons

19. Camembert Cheese

If you love cheese as much as you love chocolate, you're going to fall in love with this Camembert Cheese KitKat. A dream come true, right? The creamy, rich taste of the Camembert cheese unsurprisingly goes well with the chocolate, making a daring but delicious snack.

Cheese-2829034 1280Image by Daniel Albany from Pixabay

20. Roasted Tea (Hojicha)

Inspired by the Japanese hojicha, this Roasted Tea KitKat offers consumers a toasty, slightly caramelized flavour that's seriously good. The flavours from the roasted tea blends seamlessly with the chocolate, leaving you with a chocolate that somehow tastes as warm and comforting as a cup of tea.

Coffee-1848900 1280Image by Rolf van de Wal from Pixabay

21. Cucumber

Sure, cucumber's got a refreshing taste, but in a chocolate bar?! We're just as baffled as you are! Blending the crisp, clean flavours of cucumber with the smooth, creaminess of chocolate, this interesting mix is said to create a light flavour that makes this an enjoyable treat. Perfect for summer days, you'll just have to give this a try to see if it's up your alley!

Cucumber-4314342 1280Image by ❤ Monika 💚 💚 Schröder ❤ from Pixabay

22. Hokkaido Melon with Mascarpone Cheese

This flavor is a delightful combination of Hokkaido melon's sweet, fruity essence and the creamy richness of mascarpone cheese. It's like a sophisticated dessert transformed into a chocolate bar, offering a harmonious balance of flavors.

Melon-3433835 1280Image by Ilo from Pixabay


23. Purple Sweet Potato

Purple Sweet Potato KitKat is a visually stunning and deliciously unique treat. The natural sweetness and earthy flavor of purple sweet potatoes are artfully combined with the chocolate, resulting in a snack that's as pleasing to the eye as it is to the palate. Who wouldn't love a purple-coloured chocolate treat anyway?

Sweet-Potato-1666707 1280Image by マサコ アーント from Pixabay

24. Salt and Lemon

For a seriously weird combination, KitKat brings you the flavour of salt and lemon in a chocolate bar. It's a surprising pairing we'd never thought would exist! The tangy lemon flavour, enhanced by a hint of salt, cuts right through the sweetness of the chocolate, offering you a bright and refreshing taste. Well, when put like that, it does sound pretty good!

Lemons-2039830 1280Image by Richard John from Pixabay

25. Amazake

Amazake KitKat captures the essence of traditional Japanese sweet sake. This flavor offers the mild, slightly sweet and creamy taste of amazake, a fermented rice drink, combined with the smooth texture of chocolate. It's a harmonious blend that brings a touch of Japanese tradition to each bite, creating a subtly sweet and unique chocolate experience.

瓶入り甘酒 - 2KKPCW on Wikimedia Commons