The 10 Worst Things To Eat For Breakfast & 10 To Eat Instead

The 10 Worst Things To Eat For Breakfast & 10 To Eat Instead

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day…so long as you eat the right foods. Those donuts or bacon strips may taste good, but they’re hardly an ideal option right in the morning. Here are 10 of the unhealthiest options, and 10 you should opt for instead. 

1. Leftover Pizza

This should really go without saying, but we’re going to say it anyway—pizza remains a popular breakfast choice despite its calories and unhealthy fats. If you couldn’t already guess, it’s not the best way to start your day. 

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2. Sugary Cereals

Some cereals boast more nutrients or come fortified with vitamins, and others are pumped with sugar. Those sugary cereals lack the nutrients you need, are often high in carbs, and can cause blood sugar spikes. Suffice it to say, they make a terrible breakfast and cause hunger throughout the day.

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3. Pancakes With Syrup

Delicious and popular, pancakes hardly keep you full. They’re easily digested and low in fiber, meaning you’ll only be hungry later. Slathering them with syrup only adds more empty calories and a bunch of sugar. 

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4. Pastries

Resist those breakfast pastries because donuts, muffins, and danishes aren’t suitable options. They’re filled with calories, sugar, and fat, and always leave you hungrier throughout the day. Too many of them can also cause weight gain or an increased risk of heart disease and diabetes. 

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5. Bacon

Processed meats like bacon or sausage come with tons of salt and saturated fats—they’re prime candidates for heart disease and high blood pressure risks and shouldn’t be eaten regularly. Ideally, you should only indulge once every couple of weeks. 

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6. Fried Foods

It isn’t only bacon you have to worry about either. Classics like hashbrowns and fried eggs have just as many calories and unhealthy fats. It’s best to keep these off your regular menu, too. 

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7. Fast Food Breakfast

Fast food breakfasts have just about everything we’ve covered so far: unhealthy fats, calories, sugar, sodium, high calories…need we continue? You can make all kinds of overnight recipes to save time in the morning, so resist the golden arches. 

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8. Flavored Yogurt

The right yogurt has a bunch of probiotics and nutrients to help kickstart your day—the wrong yogurt, however, is filled with additives. Flavored yogurt is a nutritious wannabe that often comes with added sugars and artificial flavors. Reach for other kinds to keep healthy. 

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9. Fruit Juice

You want whole fruits, not fruit juice in the morning. Not only is juice high in sugar, but it also lacks the fiber and nutrients found in whole fruit. Frequent consumption can cause spiked blood sugar and an increased calorie intake.

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10. Breakfast Burritos

They’re tasty, they’re filling, and they’re also poor breakfast options (for the most part). Your average burrito comes with processed meats, cheese, and fried potatoes, all bound in a white tortilla. What you’re left with is an item loaded with unhealthy fats and sodium. 

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With all that said, let’s dive into healthy breakfast options to indulge in guilt-free!


1. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is the perfect breakfast—it’s simple to make and filled with all kinds of benefits. Loaded with B vitamins and iron (among other things), it’s a hearty option just begging for add-ons like berries or granola.

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2. Eggs

What don’t eggs do for us? Rich in protein and nutrients, these little guys are as versatile as they are healthy. Poach them, boil them, or scramble them with a handful of veggies to get the most out of your breakfast. The important thing is you keep away from frying them. 

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3. Berries

Berries are small but mighty breakfast foods chock full of antioxidants. They also come with plenty of vitamins and fiber that not only reduce inflammation but keep your heart healthy, too. Toss them in a smoothie or eat a handful on their own. 

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4. Whole Grain Toast

Whole grain is far better than white toast, especially in the morning. Brown toast has complex carbs and fiber, both of which keep you fuller longer and promote healthy blood sugar levels. You’ll also get a good serving of iron and B vitamins. 

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5. Bananas

If you want healthy blood pressure and sustained energy, you’re in the right place. Loaded with potassium, natural sugars, and fiber, bananas are an amazing breakfast option that help ward off hunger. They’re versatile, too, making great additions to smoothies or oatmeal. 

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6. Almond Butter

Peanut butter is a delicious, protein-rich spread, but almond butter brings a bit more to the breakfast table. It’s also high in protein, comes with all kinds of healthy monosaturated fats, and has a good serving of vitamins. 

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7. Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is anything but bland. It’s loaded with calcium and B vitamins and pairs well with all kinds of heart-smart breakfast options. Mix a little in with fresh fruit or nuts to start the day off right. 

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8. Greek Yogurt

This is the healthy yogurt you want in the morning—its high protein content keeps you fuller longer, and you also get enough probiotics to better your digestion. Greek yogurt is also fantastic for gut health. 

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9. Avocado Toast

We all know that avocado is a superfood, but it’s also an ideal breakfast choice. Though you can also stick it in smoothies, avocado toast comes with healthy monosaturated fats, fiber, and vitamins. Not only do you stay fuller longer, but you maintain heart health, too.

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10. Smoothies

Smoothies are a blank canvas perfect for any home cook. With a blend of protein powder and fresh fruits and veggies, you’ll have a simple breakfast packed with all the goodies your body needs to stay energized. 

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