10 Budget-Friendly Food Brands You Can Rely On & 10 Premium Brands That Cost Too Much

10 Budget-Friendly Food Brands You Can Rely On & 10 Premium Brands That Cost Too Much

For all our budget shoppers out there, we've decided to help you out by narrowing down the best affordable food brands and the premium ones that just cost way too much. It can be tough out there, especially when you're trying to maximize your savings. So knowing which brands are reliable and which ones are out of reach, it can be a huge help.

1. Kirkland Signature

Do we need to say anymore? Just the words "Kirkland Signature" or "Costco" should be enough to explain why this budget-friendly brand is everyone's favourites. Selling high-quality, bulk products at low, affordable prices, there's no place better to stock up on pantry essentials than Costco.

CostcoSikander Iqbal on Wikimedia Commons

2. Great Value

Shoutout to Walmart for keeping things affordable while still giving variety and quality. Great Value is the company's personal brand, and they sell things ranging from canned goods to frozen foods. They tend to have a lower price tag than competitors, making it a great option for families that need to stretch their budgets.

Góndola Productos Great Value En Lider Talca CentroUser13121989 on Wikimedia Commons

3. Aldi’s Simply Nature

For those of you looking for organic and natural foods but are still on a tight budget, Aldi's brand, Simply Nature, is definitely a shout. Offering plenty of different products that are all sold at a lower price range, there's nothing to complain about here. Not when eating clean and healthy often seems like an expensive choice!

1024Px-Aldi Rockhampton3RegionalQueenslander on Wikimedia Commons

4. Market Pantry

Market Pantry is a Target brand aimed at offering shoppers an affordable way to shop for groceries. You can find everything you need here. From dairy products, to snacks, to beverages, you'll be satisfied looking at all the low price tags while getting everything you need for the week.

1024Px-Market Pantry Gummi Bears (4229470119)neomodernist on Wikimedia Commons


5. 365 by Whole Foods Market

Although people normally associate Whole Foods Market with more expensive prices, you should definitely give their 365 line a try. You can browse through their products to find a wide array of affordable options, from pantry staples like pasta to delicious snacks to munch on. Now available on Amazon, it even makes purchase and delivery so much easier!

1024Px-Whole Foods 365 Pumpkin Solidsanokarina from United States on Wikimedia Commons

6. Trader Joe’s

Hold on, before you ask why Trader Joe's is considered "budget-friendly," let us explain. Offering a wide selection of unique and different products that you can't find elsewhere, a lot of their products are actually more affordable than you might think. Some prices are even comparable to that of Walmart! And with them selling gourmet options and high-quality foods, the prices definitely make it well worth what you're getting.

1024Px-Trader Joe's In Chattanooga, TennesseeHarrison Keely on Wikimedia Commons

7. Essential Everyday

A reliable brand you can always count on, Essential Everyday is a brand that can be found in many different grocery chains. Not only will you be pleased by their impressive range of products, it's their price tags that is what keeps you coming back. While other competitors are being increasingly affected by inflation, Essential Everyday still manages to feel affordable.

1024Px-Supervalu Semi Truck - Shakopee, Minnesota (26207685657)Tony Webster from Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States on Wikimedia Commons

8. Food Club

Found in many independent grocery stores, Food Club might be a lesser known brand, but you should definitely look it up if you're looking for more budget-friendly options. Offering quality and value at a decent price point, you should definitely consider trying out their products if you come across them.

Cheese-2725235 1280Image by Daniel Albany from Pixabay

9. Dollar Tree

It's already all in the name. While you might not think about Dollar Tree when grocery shopping, it is an option that you should know is available to you. Offering a surprising amount of pantry goods, dairy products, and frozen foods, you can definitely get what you need for a very cheap price here.

1024Px-Dollar Tree (Edge) 8549Chris Light on Wikimedia Commons

10. Kroger

Similar to Walmart, Kroger is another great food brand that offers customers great prices for great products. The best part about this private label brand is that there are often lots of promotions and discounts for shoppers to use. All that means is you can lower the price without lowering the quality!

1024Px-Kroger Creamy French Dressing - October 2023 - Sarah StierchMissvain on Wikimedia Commons


1. Voss Water

You've likely seen or heard of Voss Water and its association with being called "expensive water." We mean, it comes in a sleek-looking glass bottle for crying out loud! It's often considered more of a luxurious item, but at the end of the day, water is water, and if you're on a budget, cheaper options will do.

Tamas-Katona-9Beyni1D3Aq-UnsplashPhoto by Tamas Katona on Unsplash

2. Talenti

Something about the name Talenti just already sounds bougie. Talenti Gelato and Sorbetto is incredibly delicious, serving up rich and creamy frozen treats that contain natural ingredients. But just as you'd expect, it's pretty expensive too. While its unique flavours and pretty packaging might draw you in, is it really worth the price for that tiny little pint?

Recalled – Sea Salt Caramel Gelato (16670937776)The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

3. San Pellegrino

While San Pellegrino is a favourite for many mineral water drinkers, it's definitely not a favourite for the wallet. Most of the time, people enjoy buying beverages in bulk, but that's where this product's problem lies. It can feel awfully overpriced for what you're getting!

Kamilla-Isalieva-35Eiva5O-T0-UnsplashPhoto by Kamilla Isalieva on Unsplash

4. Kerrygold

Many customers who splurge on Kerrygold dairy products praise the company for creating rich, creamy, and delicious butter and cheeses, but we can't forget about the prices. While this brand is considered a premium one, sometimes, it's just out of the budget.

1715891449606.pngDrfraederich on Wikimedia Commons

5. La Tourangelle

Just the word "artisan" should be enough for you to realize this brand is going to be a bougie and expensive one! La Tourangelle might not be one you've heard of if you're not looking for high-end cooking oils. Although they put a lot of care into creating quality products, that's unfortunately reflected in the price, which is way out of the question for many budget shoppers. 

Fulvio-Ciccolo-Pmkq0Yz80-4-UnsplashPhoto by Fulvio Ciccolo on Unsplash

6. Lindt

Many people know and love Lindt for their creamy, premium chocolate bars and products. You've seen the ads, you know how rich and smooth their chocolate is! But at the end of the day, it all comes down to price sometimes. When the price of a Lindt bar is far more expensive than say, a KitKat, sometimes we don't have the option to pick the more expensive item.

1024Px-Lindt-Goldhasen (2008-04-12 A)Lothar Spurzem on Wikimedia Commons


7. Stonewall Kitchen

Gourmet jams, jellies, and sauces sound good, but one look at the price tag is all you need to put it back down. When you're trying to save as much as you can, Stonewall Kitchen can seem a bit out of reach. While they have amazing products like Wild Maine Blueberry Jam or Citrus Teriyaki Sauce, the price just makes it hard to justify sometimes. Not when the product might be double or triple the price of competitors!

1024Px-Nicastro’s On The Market (24895467238)Ross Dunn on Wikimedia Commons

8. Rao’s Homemade

Famous for their premium pasta sauces, Rao's Homemade boasts great products made with high-quality ingredients and a traditional Italian recipe that any Italian nonna would be proud of. The product itself has no problems, but it might be out of reach for shoppers on a budget. When alternative options cost maybe half as much, it's hard to justify picking one up.

Viki-Mohamad-Twxh Zgjrpo-UnsplashPhoto by Viki Mohamad on Unsplash

9. Acqua Panna

For some reason, there are a lot of expensive water brands out there! Acqua Panna is another example of this, often known as a "sophisticated" still water product. Served in fine dining restaurants, it's certainly got a premium feel to it. But once again, at the end of the day, if all you need is water, cheaper options will definitely serve better. Especially when you can buy those in bulk for cheaper prices!

1024Px-Hk Syp Sai Ying Pun Fv Eight South Lane 南里八號 21E 8Southlane January 2016 Dsc 25Gas Tsze Sejumo 200 on Wikimedia Commons

10. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

Another brand selling artisanal products, Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams sells, you guessed it, delicious ice cream. Though you can't complain about the high-quality ingredients and unique flavours that you might not be able to get from other competitors, do you really want to spend double digits on a small container?

Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream Provided By Our Resident Dairy Queen @Hilaryahartman. (14617784337)Arnold Gatilao from Oakland, CA, USA on Wikimedia Commons