20 Heated Food Takes People Are Still Debating Over

20 Heated Food Takes People Are Still Debating Over

If you've been on the Internet, you'll know that there are certain heated food takes that everyone loves fighting on. Ever heard of pineapple on pizza? That's all you really need to know to understand that people's food preferences can be pretty divisive. Let's explore 20 popular food takes today - which side are you on?

1. The Correct Way to Eat a Kit-Kat

Does this photo bother you? If it does, that's probably because you fully believe Kit-Kat bars should be eaten by individually breaking off each piece, not straight down the middle. There's a popular debate online between people who bite straight into Kit-Kats and people who don't. Which side are you on?

KitkatFamartin on Wikimedia Commons

2. Pineapple on Pizza

There are very few food takes that are quite as heated as this one: does pineapple belong on pizza? For some people, Hawaiian Pizza is a favourite, bringing together the best of sweet and savory flavours. But for others, the only thing they can think about is, "Fruit on pizza? That shouldn't be a thing!"

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3. Crusts On or Off Sandwiches

As one of the most basic lunch foods around, it's surprising to see how sandwich crusts continue to be such a debatable subject. On or off? While some might prefer the extra bite crusts give their sandwiches (not to mention it's less food waste), others will passionately refuse taking a single bite until the crust is removed. If you've got kids, you're likely familiar with this rather divisive food take.

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4. Chunky vs. Smooth Peanut Butter

We've got a really intense question for you to answer: do you prefer chunky or smooth peanut butter? Careful, people get pretty heated about this topic! It really comes down to textural preference. While some people enjoy the extra crunch chunky peanut butter provides, other people will argue the creamy texture of smooth peanut butter is unbeatable.

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5. Mayo on French Fries

While mayo is a staple spread that's often used in sandwiches, wraps, and burgers, it's not commonly seen as a dip. Mayo itself can already be pretty divisive, but when used as a dip for fries, that's when people start getting really opinionated. It all comes down to whether you're a ketchup-enthusiast, and whether you enjoy the creamy richness that mayo provides.

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6. Eating Sandwiches from the Corner or Middle

Turns out even how you take your first bite of food can be up for debate! When it comes to sandwiches, there's a popular argument online regarding whether you start from the corner of your sandwich or the middle. Some people argue the middle gives you the best first bite, with all the ingredients packed right there in the center, while others simply argue it's a weird place to start. 

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7. Well-Done vs. Rare Steak

Everyone loves a good steak dinner, but apparently people will argue over how you prefer it to be cooked. Well-done vs. rare, that's the ongoing debate. Rare steak enthusiasts will always argue this is the only way to enjoy steak because it keeps the meat juicy and tender, but not everyone wants to eat meat that's still red and slightly bloody. 

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8. Cream or Jam First on Scones

Although this is more of a British debate, it's so popular that we couldn't leave it off our list! How should a scone be served? Is it jam first then cream or vice versa? It's an ongoing debate with no answer, one that continues to cause rivalry between the two sides over how it should be done.

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9. Is Cereal a Soup?

Let's take a moment to think about what a soup is. Now that you've got an idea of what your definition of soup is, here's the big question. Is cereal a soup? It's an odd question, but if you really think about it, it checks off a lot of the boxes, right? While some people like playing with this idea, others call it downright ridiculous.

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10. Buttering Pop-Tarts

Pop-Tarts are already rather unhealthy sweet treats, so adding even more butter to them just seems a little over-the-top doesn't it? Well, that is the question people are asking! While some individuals argue that the extra layer of butter gives it a must-have element, others think it's a completely unnecessary, unhealthy addition.

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11. Cilantro Tastes Like Soap

Unfortunately, if you don't like cilantro, it's likely due to your genetics. For some people, cilantro isn't a fresh, tasty addition to any dish, it's a soapy, yucky herb that they want to avoid. What does cilantro taste like for you?

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12. White Chocolate Isn't Real Chocolate

Did you know that white chocolate, despite having the word chocolate in its name, doesn't actually contain any cocoa? That's why there's a strong debate online discussing whether or not white chocolate should actually be considered "chocolate." 

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13. Pizza: Fold or No Fold

New Yorkers, you're definitely going to have a say about this one. To fold or not to fold, that is the question! Eating pizza can be a lot more technical than you may have thought - how you choose to eat it might just rub some people the wrong way! 

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14. Brownies: Edges vs. Center

Do you like your brownies with a crispy edge or do you like them completely soft and gooey? For years now, the internet has been divided over what the best part of a brownie is. While it is up to personal preference, people just seem to be very passionate about those corner vs. middle pieces.

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15. Ranch on Pizza

Some people enjoy their pizza with a dip, some people don't. But if there's one dip that continues to cause debate, it's ranch. While the creamy tanginess of this dip has made people fall in love with the pizza + ranch combo, others view it as a complete abomination. Completely masking the pizza's flavours, these haters will argue it's more like eating a bit of pizza with your ranch.

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16. Putting Salt on Watermelon

Have you ever had someone offer you some salt with your watermelon? For those of you who have never heard of this combo, you might think it's plain weird! But for many people who eat this combo on the regular, they'll tell you the little bit of salt enhances the sweetness of the watermelon. The main argument here seems to be whether you're willing to overcome the strangeness to try it.

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17. Are Burritos Sandwiches?

You've heard of the debate "Are hot dogs sandwiches?" but there's a new contender on the rise. Are burritos sandwiches? While this argument seems like nonsense, if you really think about it, you may be able to see the other side. Do you see burritos as their own unique category? Or are you willing to consider it as a sandwich?

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18. Thin Crust vs. Deep Dish Pizza

It's a battle between the Chicagoans and the New Yorkers. Thin crust vs. deep dish pizza has always been a culinary debate that has seen no end. It really comes down to whether you appreciate balance and crispy crust or hearty, rich, punch-in-the-face textures and flavours.

Aurelien-Lemasson-Theobald-X00Czbt4Dfk-UnsplashPhoto by Aurélien Lemasson-Théobald on Unsplash

19. Soft vs. Crunchy Tacos

Whether they're made from taco kits or purchased at Taco Bell, there's an ongoing dispute between soft and crunchy tacos. People tend to have a preference over one or the other, creating a heated debate that has no real answer. Do you prefer having a crunch in your taco? Or do you love a soft, warm tortilla?

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20. Maple Syrup on Bacon

Sweet and salty might be a popular flavour combination, but that doesn't mean everyone's a fan of it. While bacon and maple syrup are two highly beloved breakfast items that are necessary for the perfect meal, people aren't always in love with the mixing of the two. While some might love the combination of syrup on bacon, others want their bacon to remain crispy and solely salty. 

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