45 Cat Memes That Prove They're the Funniest Pets

45 Cat Memes That Prove They're the Funniest Pets

Cats are cuddly, adorable, and sassy little balls of fur that don’t just make great pets, they make great memes too. For all you cat lovers out there, look no further if you’re looking to brighten your day with some hilarious cat-themed memes. You’re about to explode with laughter thanks to all this hilarity and cuteness!

1. Waking Up to a Monster

fd5c345a996e902dec7c80a0b476b5f4.jpgCatsKingDom on Pinterest

Honestly, if this is the first thing you see right when you wake up in the morning, all groggy and disheveled, that's pretty terrifying.

2. Daydreaming Away


Shhhh, let him have his moment. We don't want to ruin this adorable scene!

3. COVID Protection

z5ggf6u1vtjb1.png This cat clearly got the memo when COVID-19 hit the world. He knows social distancing is of utmost importance!

4. I Guess I'm Stuck Here

1699388293837.pngThey look so cozy and comfy there I can't ruin it for them! I guess I'm just going to stay here and suffer for them.


5. Devious Calculations


Just look at the scheming face...this little cat is clearly up to no good!

6. Morning Depression

65b17400db6df85500ddaca3907bf8b0.jpgCheezburger on Pinterest

Please, no, not this again! Every morning is the same sadness...

7. The Everyday Problem

2581751d6ffa2b85c5e6228c4cba4414.jpgJohanna Gunther on Pinterest

Someone help us break out of this neverending cycle! We just can't get out of it!

8. Really? Can I?

67b47de1aad559154fb02bafbd5155f0.jpgme_mr_x on Instagram

When your parents taught you to always first politely decline to show you have manners. But if you insist...

9. It Always Hurts the Same

0bce5e2cbf55ab821d0f8761b485af7d.jpgeBaumsWorld on Pinterest

No matter how many years past, no matter how many times you watch it, this scene in The Lion King will always hurt so bad.

10. Brain Can't Function

b2e3d8d696d6a0030fb965e314283440.jpgOur Mindful Life on Pinterest

Everything always goes so smoothly in my head, but the moment I say it out loud, I just sound like an idiot!


11. An Unexpected Appearance


Wow, it's clear this cat was made with only one purpose in mind - to be a call center cat.

12. Should've Done A Mirror Check


Ugh, that terrible feeling when embarrassment hits. We know that feeling all too well...But seriously, someone couldn't have told me my hair looked like that all day?!

13. Garbage Juice


Oh god, please don't get any garbage juice on my toes, please don't get any garbage juice on my toes.

14. Ready At Any Time


It's true that your cat is always listening in case you shake that ever beautiful treats bag. The moment you do, they'll come RUNNING.

15. How to Comfort Your Cat


If your cat hates being left alone, try this neat trick. It's close enough to the real thing, right?

16. The Almighty Cat God


Better pull up that bag of treats real quick - we don't wanna upset that thing!


17. The Perfect Homescreen


You can't get a better homescreen than that can you?!

18. My Last 2 Brain Cells

2ffb4a22e663a570aff9f8dbda7997a5.jpgeBaumsWorld on Pinterest

There's only 2 of them left, but let me tell you, they're working hard up there. At least I think...

19. Oops, My Bad

814d69c1feed2a6bc65b68b249fe7299.jpgBored Panda on Pinterest

Me, wrong? Impossible! Wait, no yupp. You're right, that actually was my bad.

20. Cats With Hands

38eb0f763e426580be6288595eb24d2a.jpgCheezburger on Pinterest

There's something awfully creepy about how that looks. Don't you agree?

21. My Cat vs. Your Cat


Alright, something ain't adding up here. How did you get your cat to have those cute sparkly eyes?

22. A Menace in the Night


When you can't leave your cat alone for even one minute without them trying to burn the house down.


23. F Is For Cats


Okay, let's just forget about family for one second here while I pet this adorable little kitten...

24. An Inside Joke


With a grin like that, we can't help but want to hear what the joke is too!

25. How Did That Happen?


When the nap was so good, you lose track of all sense of time.

26. The Fake Fall


There's nothing worse than when you're about to drift off into peaceful sleep and your body pulls a fast one on you.

27. I'm You

3a7b736f22ef924e60d7317336e48218.jpgBored Panda on Pinterest

You're not happy to see me? But I put so much effort into this costume!

28. Up to No Good

704e84cbe09449af6914c27082bfc509.jpgMarcia on Pinterest

Just look at that smug face! You just know this cat is simply up to no good.

29. Christmas Wonder

6f601626c721b5f2e7d5d05457774263.jpgMysticKittylx on Reddit

Oh come on. It doesn't get more pure and innocent than that!

30. The Math Checks Out

e2fb29a7b3ec8a146f7d1fb8e6ba09eb.jpgCheezburger on Pinterest

Anyone else following along? That does make sense, does it not?!

31. Playing With Fire

1699392730945.pngvia BoredpandaThis cat knows exactly what he's doing and he's not afraid to do it. 

32. Spider-cat

1699392785756.pngvia BoredpandaWe're not quite sure how he's got all those legs, but that sure is one terrifying cat-spider hybrid. 

33. Genuine Confusion

1699392838562.pngvia Boredpanda

Something looks wrong with him...but that's definitely one of mine.

34. The Almighty Cat God

1699392880684.pngvia BoredpandaAnd all shall bow down before him!

35. The Perfect Getaway

1699392926977.pngvia Boredpanda

"Mom can't get mad at me if it doesn't look like I did it, right? This is perfect."

36. What's Worse Than A Judgy Cat?

87da8e7642704b85f5835b233a41cfc4.jpgeBaumsWorld on Pinterest

We're not sure we could handle getting judged by this cat. It looks like he can see right through you...

37. Cat-therapist

3fb3a3fe68fd201f3bb2b0ef812f13bb.jpgUnknown on Pinterest

What a concerned looking cat! It looks like you could talk to him about any and all of your problems.

38. Eyeliner Makes All The Difference

6a92a115430328f07201d95abbe9c1fb.jpgKrystie on Pinterest

How many of you ladies can agree with this one?

39. All Tatted Up

1c03f956ff5d5598beee7c44df69cf30.jpgBored Panda on Pinterest

"Don't have enough saved up yet, but don't worry. The other arm sleeve is coming soon."

40. Innocent Bystander

8ae2900dc6d4b4247bf50ad0e1e7a4bd.jpgCuteness on Pinterest

Correction: I love drama when it doesn't involve me.

41. A Very Polite Cat


He does look very polite! Besides, how could you possibly say no to a face like that?

42. The Lion King Remake


We suppose what they say is true: life often imitates art. Or was it the other way around...

43. Mistakes Were Made

1699393687975.pngWhen the cookie crumbs suddenly make it feel like you're sleeping in a bed full of crumbs. Sigh, I guess this is why I told myself not to do this again...

44. The Best Camoflage

bc364f0a90f5cb2dd86e709024a5f596.jpgCheezburger on Pinterest

The cat blends in so perfectly it's almost scary...

45. Hunger Pangs

d6b842f6d29c30a231bd86d52da55c8e.jpgBored Panda on Pinterest

The longer you go without it, the more and more you think about it. That book suddenly looks more like a delicious slice of bread by the minute...