Memorable Rich People Who Acted Incredibly Strange

Memorable Rich People Who Acted Incredibly Strange


The upper class rich people of the world really do live on another planet. Sometimes literally (at least if they have anything to do with it!). Here are some true stories of ridiculously wealthy people who acted in the strangest ways possible, all because they had the money to do so.

Possibly the Same Wine List With Higher Prices


My friend's dad got a summer tennis membership at this fancy club because his kid played on the club's traveling team (Jrs. Could play for basically nothing).

He got invited to play poker with the guys on a random Wednesday and they sat down and decided to order some wine. The waiter hands the list over to to one of the old guys and the guy says "no, show us the real wine list..."

Sure enough, there was a very bougie version that was by special request. Every since my friend told me that story, I have always wondered what special privileges exist for these ppl if you know to ask. Story Credit : Reddit / TNI92

Behind the Bentley


I was at a rich guy's house to service his not one but TWO generators. I roll up to the call box to let him know I was there. He buzzes me in.

On the way down his cobblestone driveway I pass by his garage. This garage was unique in that it had a basketball and tennis court on top of it. Upon closer inspection I saw that it was basically a mini parking garage. The dude had thirteen cars in it.

A Chevy Suburban, Mini Cooper, Subaru Outback, and other grocery getters. On the SECOND LEVEL DOWN were two town cars: a Bentley and a Rolls Royce. Off to the side were a Bentley and a Lincoln stretch limo. This guy took me through four mechanical rooms to get to his generators.

We go back up to where my truck is parked. While wearing sandals and a Rolling Stones t-shirt he points to the right and says something I'll never forget. "If you need to use the bathroom it's behind the Bentley." Most nonchalant thing I've heard. Story Credit : Reddit / leatherrecliner

Checking Your Blind Spots


This guy cutting me of on the street, ramming the right side of my car. We got out of the car and this guy just handed me a 6500€ check without discussing. The damage he caused was only 200€. Darn. Story Credit : Reddit / RegularGermanDude

Nothing Worse Than a Rattling Chandelier


A client we had years ago told us that he downgraded his private 747 to a 737 because he didn't like the way the chandeliers rattled on take off. Story Credit : Reddit / chelsea9898


Thanks For the Tip


I worked at a summer camp that had a lot of wealthy families children attending. At the request of the parents, a helicopter pad was installed nearby so that they didn't have to drive the 2 hours to see their kids at the end of camp. I assume that this was paid for by one of the parents, but cant say for sure.

Additionally, many of these parents would tip the camp counselors that looked after their kids for the summer.

While I never got anything (my kids were on scholarship) some friends of mine were tipped Macbook Airs, hundreds of dollars and plane tickets to come visit and stay with the families whenever they wanted, sometimes from crazy distances, like flying an Australian to LA. Story Credit : Reddit / hi2colin

Going Spare


I'm a public school teacher in a wealthy district. I had a parent casually ask me one afternoon if I wanted her designer chandelier. She had bought two and decided she didn’t like this one. Lady, I live in a hovel. I’m a public school teacher.

I would have instead preferred her family support the school committee candidate who would work with the union instead of against it... Story Credit : Reddit / TeaEarlGreyDecaf

The Princess and the Pea


Some honeymoon clients insisted that they would not sleep on a mattress that someone else had slept on so we had to buy a new mattress for each hotel they stayed in. Each mattress cost over $5000 and they stayed at 5 hotels.

They used each mattress for a couple of nights only and then we had to remove the mattress from the hotel and dispose of it. Fortunately, 'disposing of them' did not mean throwing them away but finding a new home for them.

4 we sold for a price the buyer was very happy with and one went free to one of my colleagues, who did not care that a fat Saudi prince had slept on it already.

Of course, the royal honeymoon couple had been charged for the mattresses anyway so although the whole thing was a horrible waste of money (IMO), it all worked out in the end. Story Credit : Reddit / 0---------------0

Fire Fighter


I worked at a country club. One of my coworkers lost his apartment because of some fire. One of the members, just one, paid for a six month lease and replaced everything the coworker lost in the fire. Blew my mind. Story Credit : Reddit / Arra13375

High Roller


Was in Las Vegas and at the casino I went to, there was a portion of the high-rollers area that you could see; it was just slot machines. The slot machines were $100 a play.

I watched as an otherwise ordinary looking older lady played this slot the way my grandmother played the penny slots. In the few minutes I was watching, she dropped enough money to buy my truck and I don't think she blinked. Story Credit : Reddit / drsameagle

Bad News: Your Kid is Dudley Dursley


One of my wife’s colleagues had a daughter who had chosen to get married at a local venue, that about 3 months before the wedding happened to appear as a location in a very well known series of movies about a certain boy wizard.

Well about a month before the wedding they had a call from the venue asking if they’d mind moving their wedding back a month. Naturally they said no - all the invites had been sent, family were coming from various international locations & had booked flights and accommodation etc etc.

To cut a long story short they did end up moving their wedding back a month. Why? Because the person wanting their venue had a child who was besotted with said boy wizard and their Birthday happened to fall on the original wedding weekend, and wanted their birthday party to be at that location.

They agreed only after the rich person offered to pay for their wedding, but also the cost of rearranging all the flights, accommodation, florists, photographers and all the other associated costs.

And the mortgage on their recently bought house. It ran to £100,000s, but to the rich people was apparently water off a duck’s back. Story Credit : Reddit / Sorbicol


Because it was Wednesday


I have a friend and she and her family are ridiculous rich people. I'll start be saying that they are incredibly nice people and very generous to those around them. They just do not live in the real world when it comes to money and they forget that other people don't live like they do.

Her mom redecorates their whole house 2 or 3 times a year. I'm talking new furniture, fresh paint, new flooring, new decorative items ect. She really likes to decorate for holidays and she buys all new stuff every holiday.

My friend has basically hooked everyone she knows up with full Christmas set ups because her mom gets new every year. They have pets but they personally don't physically take care of any of them. They have people who do it.

They have gorgeous fish tanks that they have a guy who comes in to care for them multiple times a week. They have a bird room which has multiple exotic birds that has someone who cares for them every day. They have someone else who cares for the dogs and cats.

They have a team for the horses because they have horses even though no one rides. Her parents will get her caterers for just random nights. She will literally open her door to surprise catering and she will have to call people to come eat food.

Last week I went and had dinner with her because they had a full prime rib dinner complete with appetizers, soup, salad, sides, wine, and dessert for 15-20 delivered to her house because it was Wednesday. Story Credit : Reddit / TrueCrimeButterfly

A Fool and His Money


One of the owners of the company I worked for was looking at his bank statement and saw some extra fees that he thought were excessive, so he called the bank to see what it was all about. I guess the person at the bank couldn’t explain the reason for fees, was short with him, and wouldn’t waive them.

So he decided to close all his accounts with that bank, which involved paying off the rest of his multi-million dollar mortgage in cash. So, he basically had enough cash sitting in his checking account to pay off his full mortgage, but preferred to take out a mortgage rather than pay for his house in cash.

When the mortgage department at the bank realized what happened and how much interest income they were going to lose out on, they tried to get him to come back and refinance, but he said no.

Same person also accidentally received a neighbors Bloomingdales bills in the mail (the store had the address wrong) didn’t read the name on the bill and assumed it was his wife’s, and paid that bill for years. So he ended up paying thousands of dollars of his neighbors shopping bills without knowing.

And when they figured it out, he told the neighbor to consider it their Christmas present. Story Credit : Reddit / HalfAgony_HalfHope

Private Train


Some High profile guy "reserved" 2 entire High Speed Train wagons for himself, his family and his bodyguards (the other passengers who already paid had to leave)

And before that tried to pay a highschool friend of mine something like 5000€/10000€ for her to spend two weeks with his daughter so she wouldn't feel alone during their holidays in the local ski resort. Story Credit : Reddit / John_Mary_the_Stylo

Champagne and a Show


I worked in club in Ibiza, and when you order like 5 bottles of champagne you get a show (hot girls in bikinis come with sprinklers and bottles),

So a lot of nights people order massive amounts of champagne just so they look good in front of other rich people and there comes a point where there aint any more room to put the bottles.

A lot of times the case was that they didnt even drink champagne but regular vodka redbul or similar… Story Credit : Reddit / jakobpirs1

Taught a Lesson


I knew a guy that bought a building just so he could evict the person renting space there. Yes, it was all Inherited money and yes, everybody absolutely hated that guy. He came from generations of wealth and thought it made him superior to everybody else.

I never met the guy that got evicted. Apparently he wasn’t “respectful enough” and had to be taught a lesson. Story Credit : Reddit / Saarlak

Tutor Vacation


At the begining of coronavirus and the shutdowns, my friend (who teaches at a private school in DC) had a small group of parents approach her and ask her if she'd be interesting in tutoring the couple's children while they all isolated themselves on their yacht in the Caribbean.

She was to join them on the yacht and teach 5 days a week. She didn't end up doing it for whatever reason, but that right there was probably one of the most lavish ways to spend money I had ever seen to date. Story Credit : Reddit / [deleted]


Okay, This is Kinda Nice


I know a rich person that buys a new low end car every month. After a month of driving the car he donates it to various charities.

Every year he also foots the bill for all unpaid medical bills at a hospital in poor part of the country. Story Credit : Reddit / POffPostIt

A Fine Perspective


My dad (when we stil had a relationship) saw fines not as punishments but as the payment to be able to do things others can not. Story Credit : Reddit / kurtis_shooter

Moving On Up


I had a buddy in the military that was a trust fund baby. He literally only served as a bullet point on his resume as he wanted to go the political route. Which is fine, I served for a bullet point but just the amount of care he put into his work ethic was abysmal.

He paid dudes like $1k to take his duty. Multiple times. He had a brand new Mercedes or BMW or whatever nice European car every few months. I remember he ran out of gas on base and just left his car. Went to the car rental place, rented a car, then drove off base to buy a new one.

Everyone on our team hated him. So much so that my team leader stuck him in a cave in the middle of Afghanistan when we deployed just so he didn’t make a fool of himself or get anyone killed.

Last I knew he was working at the Pentagon. When I went there for work, I saw him and he looked like he was just a secretary or something but tried to make it seem like he was a bigger deal than he was. Literally had people calling him “hey guy” because no one cared to learn his name.

But everything is for resume bullets. He doesn’t care about money. He cares about power. He’s a narcissist whom I imagine will be a very successful politician soon because politicians all have the same exact personality as him. Story Credit : Reddit / [deleted]

Buying Everything in Sight


Worked at a luxury brand Jewellery store. Chinese woman comes in with her husband in a grumpy mood. Walked right past me when I greeted them. Undeterred, I followed them and continued to make conversation. She starts asking questions about things in cabinet.

Bought everything I pointed to without looking at price tag or batting an eyelid. Bought over $33k in less than 10 minutes.

However once I started gift wrapping everything, her and her husband sat there demanding free things and threaten not to give us business again unless we produce the best, most expensive freebie we could. Management team literally scrambled to give her a bunch of free stuff.

$33k isn’t much in luxury retail, but every single one of her visit over the years has been apparently big ticket so it adds up lol. Story Credit : Reddit / Throwthrowawayway_

The Wrong Color


My friend scored a brand new stainless steel 6 burner oven on facebook marketplace for pennies on the dollar because some rich people bought a summer house in a nearby wealthy tourist town and didn't like the appliances because they were the wrong color.

They sold them all for well under what they were worth and bought all new ones. The ones that came with the house hadn't ever been used, it had been renovated prior to sale and everything was brand new. Story Credit : Reddit / sai_gunslinger

Bubbly Booze Bar Brawl


When I was a bartender, this guy showed up (30 something, suits, looked like an jerk) and asked that I sold him and his friends (5 people) all the champagne I had, I said no, I would sell him 2 bottle and he could order more after.

I sold him the bottles, went for my smoke break and 10 minutes latter I saw him and his friend go out in the street carrying as much bottle as they could and start smashing them on the road, screaming and laughting.

Turn out my coworker agreed to sold them the entire stock and bring the case to their table (in exchange for a nice tip). So here they where, smashing bottle of champagne running in and out of the bar to get more.

We manage to stop them and call the cops but they took their car an ran off before the cop showed up.

The bill: 3 of them paid 2 000 € with their credit card and one gave around 5 000 cash. Story Credit : Reddit / BatouMediocre


The Barter System


There's this politician in our area who runs campaigns and he even has his own shopping franchise. His son is about 3 years older than me. He wears like 15kgs worth of gold chain around his neck as well as a bunch of diamond earrings and rings too.

One time I saw him drinking tea at a Cafe with his friends and showing off as usual. When the waiter gave the bill to them the dude literally took off one of his minor rings and handed it to him.

Then he shooed him off like he was some stray animal with real disrespect... that just made me sick and mad on the spot. Story Credit : Reddit / BroJedi42

Insurance is Irrelevant


I once worked in a cellphone department at a retail store and we were supposed to sell a certain amount of phone insurance plans everyday to meet our quota. There was this one lady who just bought 4 of the latest iPhones for herself and her family.

I offered her insurance plans and she basically said there's no point because she would just buy new phones if anything happened. This was in 2018, so 4 new top of the line iphones where about a grand each.

I tried to push the insurance plans a bit because 4000 dollars in sales with no insurance or add ons hurt my numbers, and 4000 dollars is a huge investment. So my pitch went along the lines of "what would you do if the phone broke or you cracked the screen?".

She got so irritated that she bought 4 more phones as replacements just to prove she didn't need insurance. Then she proceeded to berate my selling skills and laughed in my face about being a broke college student, working to pay tuition. (Came up in conversation with a coworker and she overheard).

I wouldn't have been upset about any of this up until this point. However, after I finished setting up her new phone, she went over to a noncarpeted section of the store and dropped her brand new phone, shattered the glass screen. Then she came up to me and told me to set up her new one.

I felt really disrespected but I had no choice. I couldn't refuse the request of a customer who just spent 8000 dollars at our store. Retail is truly hell. Story Credit : Reddit / Curlybengali

Casual Atlantic Cross


An international student from my partner's university bought a plane ticket from Spain to Canada to go to a music festival with some friends. She bought it on a thursday. The festival was the next day and she would be back on sunday.

First class ticket. There was definetly a lot of digits in that purchase. Casually crossing the atlantic to see some friends this weekend. Story Credit : Reddit / Larariara



I used to live near Wesleyan University (the college from HIMYM).

Every year when the children of rich families would go back home, we would go dumpster diving because people would literally just throw away working laptops, ipods, etc

These people/their families are so rich that they see a $500+ piece of electronics as disposable. Story Credit : Reddit / Dont_touch_my_elbows

When the Moon Hits Your Eye


I work for a fancy pizza shop and I've seen people call in to order over 300$ worth of pizza to pick up. They come from other cities and want it ready when they arrive. I watched a man eat 1 small slice from each of the 12 pizzas he ordered then throw the rest out in our garbage bin.

We assumed he was taking it home to a party or to his employees or something but nope, he just wanted to try every topping combination. Left a 100$ tip though so that was nice. Story Credit : Reddit / alomusic

Fast Fashion


I used to work at an Equinox gym, at the smoothie counter. There was a man who came in nearly every day, complained about how he was always too busy to remember to pack his gym bag, but luckily they sell clothes here, and would buy a full set of gym clothes from the retail section.

A full outfit would run more than my monthly rent. I talked to the folks in the retail section a lot -- apparently, he never returned anything. Story Credit : Reddit / leiladobadoba

Sore Loser


Guy smashed his controller and when i was like ??????? he just said he’d get a new one tomorrow morning. Story Credit : Reddit / A-vian

Buy a Car, Get a Free Boyfriend


I had a friend who needed to buy her first car. She was living downtown in a major city but got some internship in the suburbs and needed reliable transportation. She’d never bought a car before, and her rich dad just wired her some money to “cover the purchase.”

I swear to god: After a few days and finagling with her bank, she filled a bag with close to $30,000 cash and took it on the subway to a car dealership. Honda, if I remember right.

This girl wasn’t a snob, just not experienced in these things. She ended up paying cash for the car on the spot, and, because of course, she also left the dealership with a new boyfriend. Story Credit : Reddit / advisor_throwaway181

Those Dogs Eat Better Than I Do


Was at a pretty nice restaurant in Mexico City. A guy walks up with two dogs, and nods at the waiter. Waiter comes back with a beer and 2 massive raw steaks.

Guy drinks his beer as his two dogs each enjoy a raw $50 filet mignon. Guy walks off into the night. BOSS MOVE. Story Credit : Reddit / itdrankprettygood

Wouldn't It Be Cheaper to Fix Earth?!


Trying to colonize another planet because you know this one is ruined. Story Credit : Reddit / whatisgoingon2



I used to work at a high end boutique in the San Francisco Bay Area where lots of wealthy women would come to shop.

One day a woman comes in looking for a “basic t shirt” after spilling something on the shirt she was wearing, that “she’d just throw away in the trash after wearing it anyway” since she didn’t need it that bad, just the remainder of the day.

The “basic” shirt was just a plain white v-neck tee, but it was $80 because of the brand. I was making $9/hr and couldn’t afford anything the store sold. Story Credit : Reddit / beard_lover

There Goes Mister Humbug


I have a different angle. I used to work for a billionaire and we would go to lunch once a week at a Subway near our office. He would always load up on salt and pepper packs, napkins, coffee stirrers etc. It was like he took joy in getting over on the restaurant.

He also invited me to a college football game and had me come to his house to meet him beforehand. Dude had like a 7 car garage full of luxury vehicles, but insisted that I drive us in my ‘02 Jetta with a cracked windshield (this was around ‘09).

He complained about my car on the way to the game and once we made it in to the game I bought all the snacks for him and his two sons. The seats weren’t even that good. Story Credit : Reddit / tzip34

Big Loser


I watched an oil and gas man lose nearly $200,000 at a black jack table in Shreveport Louisiana. He had a roll of hundreds and he kept peeling them off and throwing them down. Dude wasn't even drinking, just losing. $500 a hand and just losing.

The dealer kept trying to be helpful, but this guy did what he wanted. I finally left the table because his poor decisions were affecting my play. Story Credit : Reddit / bustedaxles

That's a Lot of Pizza


Had a buddy in college who’s family was very wealthy and I watched him spend 100k in a year on mostly dominos pizza. Story Credit : Reddit / eyesofthe_world2020

Paying Cash


Something that just happened to me was a guy shows up with a realtor and says I wanna buy you house, cash and paid in full. The realtor shows me the guys stock options in just a single folder and it reads $18,898,755.04 in this folder.

I mean he brought 7 other folders to show that he has the money to buy the house right on the spot. To me that is just insane, $18 million dollars in stocks and the guy owns a roofing company. Story Credit : Reddit / bankai04

It's Not Easy Being Green


Had a client (wedding vendor) that had rented out one of the most expensive venues in the city, had designer EVERYTHING, and generally just spent more money on this wedding than what was necessary (who cares if your fake eyelashes are 800 dollars, seriously).

But none of that mattered on the morning of the wedding when her mother showed up wearing the wrong shade of green. This bride spent an hour screaming and crying at her mother, ruining her makeup in the process and pushing back the schedule for the entire day.

I heard she was fined upwards of the original costs of renting the venues and every vendor had overtime charges as we were forced to stay past midnight.

All this drama only to find out later the bride actually never had a job and her parents paid for everything, and the marriage didn't last 6 months. Story Credit : Reddit / ReignTX21

Becoming a Woman


In high school (circa-2005) I was invited to a $3.5 million bat mitzvah (13 year old girl's birthday party).

They had a literal circus tent with seating for 500+ people, a magic act with elephants and tigers that they had shipped in from Vegas (to Westchester, New York), a state-of-the-art VR/AR arcade tent that made Dave and Busters look like a joke,

Full valet (to park your car for you) and limo shuttle service (to get you to the house) from the main gate of their estate, and a gift bag for every guest which included (among other fancy things) an iPod mini.

And that's how I got my first iPod. Story Credit : Reddit / BarbarianSpaceOpera

No Big Deal


In college among our small group of undergrads, all driving cars that are worth less then $2000USD.

One of the guys from a very well off family (daily drove multiple $200,000+ cars to small local college), was lecturing us on how so and so has bad tires, and so and so is irresponsible for getting a ticket for a broken window on a car he had to borrow because his died, and why all of us broke college kids need to fix this and that on our cars and its only a grand to do this or that.

He explains how it is no big deal because he did six figures of damage to a super car and repaired it no problem so why cant we get tires or glass. like don't you have a room full of spare tires/wheels and parts for you car? Story Credit : Reddit / the_frgtn_drgn

Miami Beach Interrogation


When I was in college the guy across the hall from me in the dorm went away for a weekend and didn't come back for almost a week. When he finally got back he said he had been detained by the FBI!

He had a friend of a friend who was super rich and flown their group to Miami to hang out at a suite in the Four Seasons (hotel, not landscaping!).

It turns out the rich kid, who had a $40K/month credit card limit, was stealing from his dad's business to pay for his overages because $40K/month was not enough for him.

The FBI tracked him to the Four Seasons and broke up the party. (Full disclosure, not sure if it was the FBI, but that's what I remember being told). Story Credit : Reddit / turkeyburst

Boo Hoo Hoo


I'm an accountant, we had a client come in, lamenting his £250k tax bill. Excuse me while I play the world's smallest violin for you. Story Credit : Reddit / sprogg96

Adopting the Teacher


A good friend of my fiancee works for a school in a nicer part of town assisting children that are special needs. One of her students is non verbal autistic, and she also works with this boys younger brother.

Their parents are stupid rich. When they saw how she was the only teacher that has ever been able to connect with their son, they instantly took her in like a member of their own family.

Offering financial assistance for her and her husband on their first home. Assisted with buying her husband a work truck. And now the dad is teaching them about managing a financial portfolio and wants to give them some "starting out" money since they just recently got married.

Recently the family went to the Florida Keys for a few weeks, and flew our friend down so she could watch their kids. They flew on a private jet, and she said when they'd get dinner every night, the bills were well into the thousands between food and drinks. Story Credit : Reddit / Luke5119

Wishing Upon a Star


I'm a CPA and I have a bunch of stories from clients. Probably one of the worst ones, however, is a business owner who decides to take his entire family (literally 20 some people) to Disney in Florida every year. He books the entire thing as a business expense.

We caught him, told him that's a big no-no, and if we report it, not only is he committing fraud, so are we and we could lose more than just our licenses. He disagreed and we had to fire him, which I think is the only time I can recall firing a client. Story Credit : Reddit / betterthanamaster

Wasting Food


The worst rich person behavior I've seen is ordering something at a restaurant, not eating most of it, and then just throwing it away, even if they don't like it. Don't like it? Fine, box it up and hand it to that peddler on the corner. Story Credit : Reddit / betterthanamaster

Rules are for Peasants


This isn’t anything major I guess? But my first taste of what rich people can get away with. I am a personal and executive assistant to the owner of the company and he only flies private. He asked I meet him at the private airport with breakfast and coffees for himself and the rest of the group.

The receptionist said I was not allowed on the tarmac or jet because I was not a listed traveler. I thought well this stinks but I’ll just wait and hand everything to my boss - their airport, their rules. Nope. Boss wasn’t having it. I told him what I was told and he whipped around and said “what’s the problem?

She's my assistant and is where I am at all times” I was soon walking behind him and onto the jet to set up breakfast. Blew my mind she just cowered and nodded her head. Story Credit : Reddit / jonbabe

A Day in the Life


I had a adjunct professor teach a film class. My self and a few students would hang out afterwards and listen to his stories from being a director in the film industry for many years. When he was in college he had a friend whose dad was a big time executive with Well Fargo and he too would become an executive.

Every now and then they would get together once or twice a year for dinner and reminisce. After a particularly good year, professor insisted that he pay for dinner. His friend booked a really nice restaurant and always paid and my professor would always protest.

This time, though, he let his friend handle the bill. It came and it was $12,000. He swallowed his pride and went to pay the bill reluctantly. He was successful director, but not that successful.

Work was inconsistent. As he was going to pay his friend laughed and took the booklet away from him and told he already took care of it.

My professor said he would need to save an entire years worth of pay to afford one day of his friends life. Story Credit : Reddit / DigiQuip

Banned From QVC


A friend, female, over 50, whose parents are wealthy, advised her to pick out her birthday gift. The price point they gave her was $1000. So she goes to QVC and starts ordering things. Clothes, shoes, merchandise; mostly stupid, unnecessary items.

She would order a bunch of items, return some, order more things, return a portion of that. Working her way up to her $1000 (or so she figured in her head.) This went on, purchasing a bunch of items, returning some, purchasing more items and after a month, she had racked up $11,000 in charges.

It got to the point that she and QVC couldn't agree on exactly what she kept, what she had returned and how much was owed. QVC finally banned her from ever ordering anything from them…forever! :D

Her parents, particularly her father, were naturally upset with her and finally had to step in and sort out the final charges with QVC. Eventually, her father and QVC settled on an amount, somewhere between $5000 and $11,000.

And QVC reiterated to her father that his daughter would never, ever be able to order from QVC again. Story Credit : Reddit / gaberax

Winning the Coin Toss


There was a bar (shutdown now) that did quarter nights. Basically you would order something from the bartender and you would flip a coin, aka a quarter. If it was heads you only paid 25 cents. If it was tails you paid the actual cost of the drink you ordered (or maybe it was double the cost… i can’t remember).

Anyway, i met these guys that would order bottles just to flip a coin. When they got tails they would all stomp their feet and pay up. When it was heads then would all cheer - pay a quarter - and then tip the amount of the original bottle.

These bottles were well over a few hundred dollars and they did it over and over all night. They just liked the thrill of flipping the coin. The bartenders loved them. Story Credit : Reddit / 61508

Borrow... Money?!


I teach at an international school, and as is the case with many of them, we have some incredibly wealthy, connected locals. Well, during pre-calculus, we started a topic that fortunately is always relevant: applications of exponential functions and in particular, compound interest.

So I give my spiel, and one very well-off girl isn't impressed. "When are we ever going to use this?" I...I just said when... "but why would I ever borrow money?" She asked incredulously.

OK, let me rephrase the power of compound interest in another, exaggerated manner. How about this, I said, I'll give you $50 now or $100 one week from now. She scoffed, "of course I'll take the money now, why would I wait a week for only $50?"

This was also the same student who would insult the one student in the class who was on scholarship for being poor.

This is also the student who had an internship, and possibly token career path, working with the UN in dealing with poverty. Story Credit : Reddit / nerbovig