Millennials Shared the Best Parts of Growing Up That Gen Z Will Miss Out On

Millennials Shared the Best Parts of Growing Up That Gen Z Will Miss Out On


Growing up in the late '80s and '90s was much different than it is today. There was no social media to update your friends on, and if you wanted to be in touch with anyone outside of school, you might have to actually go see them. If a young person was lucky enough to have a cell phone to use, they had to make sure that they didn't send too many texts, otherwise their parents might have to pay them off on their next phone bill.

And technology isn't the only thing that has changed in the past few decades. Young people today don't remember a time when people used maps and encyclopedias to get all of their information. When Reddit user u/Bagolyvagymi asked the question, "What's something that newer generations will never understand?" answers flooded in from "elder Millennials" who remember the good old days of sitcoms, passing notes in school and playing the newest NES games.

Texts Used to Cost 10 Cents

resize48288735_6782b0b8ef_o.jpg.optimal.jpgFlickr / Bart Everson / CC 2.0

"When free minutes started at 9pm and text messages cost 10¢ each way. So even if you didn’t text your friends back your parents would get mad b/c they still had to pay for it"

Story credit: Reddit / taishosecret

Your Music Was Limited to Your iPod Library

resize4092129738_705269278b_o.jpg.optimal.jpgFlickr / Pooi Wang Chan / CC 2.0

"Having a limited amount of music with you when traveling. Even with MP3 players if you didn’t have the song on it you weren’t going to listen to it until you could connect to a computer. It’s wild having gone from CDs to MP3 players to Streaming. Zune was best 1v1 me on rust about it."

Story credit: Reddit / gaybatman75-6

You Couldn't Wait For Reruns

resizeScreen-Shot-2021-09-21-at-12.23.35-PM.jpg.optimal.jpgNBCUniversal Television Distribution

"missing an episode of a show meant MISSING IT FOREVER. There's still an episode of "Battlestar Galactica" I never saw. I could go back and watch it now, but 10 year old me hurt like a gunshot wound for a long time after missing that thing."

Story credit: Reddit / The_Patriot

TV Guide Was a Much-Needed Resource

resize614851afaad10_8doi61pum5m71__700.jpg.optimal.jpgReddit / GlamourCatNYC

"Not being able to watch whatever you wanted whenever you wanted. We actually had to look up the shows schedule in a TV guide and be available when it came on."

Story credit: Reddit / togotfury1983 


Be Kind, Rewind


"Having to rewind the tape before returning it to the video store or else incurring a fee."

Story credit: Reddit / slapsmcgee23 

Three-Ring Binders Were Full of Entertainment

resizepeople-share-things-newer-generations-will-never-understand-13-614842cb6a054__700.jpg.optimal.jpgFlickr / zombieite / CC 2.0

"Having a three-ring binder of CDs for road trips."

Story credit: Reddit / DarthTrafford

Play Time Was Special

resizepeople-share-things-newer-generations-will-never-understand-15-6148460e01b3d__700.jpg.optimal.jpgFlickr / Donnie Ray Jones / CC 2.0

“Can so-and-so come out to play?”

Story credit: Reddit / mewmewx2

Parents Trusted Their Kids

resizepeople-share-things-newer-generations-will-never-understand-8-61483c8585218__700.jpg.optimal.jpgFlickr / Jim Winstead / CC 2.0

"Parents not knowing where their kids are and trusting them not to get into trouble."

Story credit: Reddit / malamalinka

No Caller ID

resize4891304518_9496e3792c_o-6149e6e69ecde__700.jpg.optimal.jpgFlickr / Nate Steiner / CC0

"Hows about not knowing who was calling... was it your crush? your grandma? a telemarketer??? It's like a game show every time the phone rings"

Story credit: Reddit / andthrewaway1

Maps Were Our GPS

resizepeople-share-things-newer-generations-will-never-understand-7-61483be2cb411__700.jpg.optimal.jpgFlickr / Marcin Wichary / CC 2.0

"How we got around without GPS navigation."

Story credit: Reddit / Convincing_Potato


Card Catalogues Are a Thing of the Past

resizepeople-share-things-newer-generations-will-never-understand-19-61484938650b5__700.jpg.optimal.jpgFlickr / bookfinch / CC 2.0

"How to use the card catalog in the library — the ones with the cards in the drawers."

Story credit: Reddit / pixel_ate_it 

There Used to Be More Planets

resizepeople-share-things-newer-generations-will-never-understand-14-614844583551f__700.jpg.optimal.jpgPublic Domain

"That there used to be nine planets in the solar system."

Story credit: Reddit / Lilylivered_Flashman

Every Household Had a Set


"A thing called encyclopedias"

Story credit: Reddit / safeword-is-harder

Spare Change Was Everywhere

resize43305642512_d58d63161f_o-6149e74df08ca__700.jpg.optimal.jpgFlickr / C Watts / CC0

"Checking the pay phone change return for any forgotten coins."

Story credit: Reddit / FaberGrad 

The Sears Catalogue Was a Treasure Trove

resizpeople-share-things-newer-generations-will-never-understand-2-61483067bbce0__700.jpg.optimal.jpgTwitter / nascarman_rr

"Circling pictures of toys in the Sears catalog as a Christmas list. My brother and my cousin would do this every year at my grandma's house. We also put our initials so our parents knew who wanted what toy."

Story credit: Reddit / fabes_ohoulihan

Calling Someone Was an Experience

resizepeople-share-things-newer-generations-will-never-understand-16-6148465373349__700.jpg.optimal.jpgFlickr / Eidantoei/kssk / CC 2.0

"Why we say "hang up" the phone"

Story credit: Reddit / RynoLasVegas


Boredom Wasn't a Crime

resize13503250003_19f361647e_o-6149e83707f61__700.jpg.optimal.jpgFlickr / Matthew Paul Argall / CC 2.0

"Maybe not universal. But how to entertain yourself with your mind and nothing else.

I've noticed something about my friends/people i know in parenting culture where it's now a crime for a child to be bored. When I was a kid my parents laughed and told me to go away when I said I was bored."

Story credit: Reddit / fourteendogs

Cassette Deaths Were Tragic

resizepeople-share-things-newer-generations-will-never-understand-20-61484c5ba7788__700.jpg.optimal.jpgFlickr / Falk Lademann / CC 2.0

"The frustration of cassette tapes getting mangled."

Story credit: Reddit / BornToHulaToro

Software Installation Processes Required So Many Discs

resize123615844_371e596dce_o-6149e91a23a17__700.jpg.optimal.jpgFlickr / Rudolf Ammann / CC 2.0

"Insert Disk #3 and press Return to continue..."

Story credit: Reddit / everythingisajokeok

Phones Came With One Game

resize614847d8c093b_3xzvk9eg7aj11__700.jpg.optimal.jpgReddit / FlappyDeFlapJack

"The glory of playing and enjoying snake on a brick phone."

Story credit: Reddit / FlappyDeFlapJack

The Perfectly-Timed Snack Break

resizepeople-share-things-newer-generations-will-never-understand-24-614850711b9c3__700.jpg.optimal.jpgFlickr / Erica Firment / CC 2.0

"Having to properly time getting a drink and snack before the ad break on TV finished. I still sweat thinking about it."

Story credit: Reddit / heyitssunny_ 

You Could Really Get Lost

resizepeople-share-things-newer-generations-will-never-understand-18-614848ccc60e5__700.jpg.optimal.jpgFlickr / Saurabh Mishra / CC 2.0

"Getting lost in your car and just having to figure it out"

Story credit: Reddit / doot_doot 


Synchronizing Your Watch

resizepeople-share-things-newer-generations-will-never-understand-3-614837910138c__700.jpg.optimal.jpgFlickr / Rob Wells / CC 2.0

"'Let’s all meet back here at 6:00.' *Looks at watch.* 'I’ve got 4:35. What time do you have?'"

Story credit: Reddit / mr_funnypuns

No One Had All the Answers

resizepeople-share-things-newer-generations-will-never-understand-26-614852fbc1dfd__700.jpg.optimal.jpgFlickr / A4-Nieuws / CC 2.0

"The difficulty of not being able to instantly find the answer to questions."

Story credit: Reddit / McDunky

Putting the Window Down Took Effort

resize614840ffbd90a_lSAaOGf__700.jpg.optimal.jpgImgur / HanzG

"Cranking the rear window in a car by hand"

Story credit: Reddit / TorontoMaples

Everyone Had Dial-Up

resziepeople-share-things-newer-generations-will-never-understand-25-614852a725171__700.jpg.optimal.jpgFlickr / Christiaan Colen / CC 2.0

"Having to say BRB to all your friends on MSN because your mom wanted to make a call, and then having to disconnect from the internet and dial back up when she was done."

Story credit: Reddit / emzyyx

Binge-Watching Was Out of the Question


"Not being able to binge a show unless you literally recorded a bunch of episodes from TV onto a bunch of VHS tapes."

Story credit: Reddit / TheRealOcsiban

You Had to Commit to Your Plans

resizepeople-share-things-newer-generations-will-never-understand-9-61483d6d0f634__700.jpg.optimal.jpgFlickr / hhm8 / CC 2.0

"Making plans to meet friends and having to commit because you didn't have mobile phones to ask where they were, how far, and if they were still coming."

Story credit: Reddit / GiantMonkeyBall 

MySpace Was the First Social Media Site

resize61483085d8365_myspacescreen640x480__700.jpg.optimal.jpgReddit / [deleted]

"How great Myspace was. It was a million times better than Facebook. You could choose top friends, music, cursors, backgrounds, and images. It was awesome until everyone transitioned over to FB."

Story credit: Reddit / mdsoccerx9

Arcades Were Everywhere

resizepeople-share-things-newer-generations-will-never-understand-27-614853e1b3121__700.jpg.optimal.jpgFlickr / Joe Haupt / CC 2.0

"Going to the arcade and playing games like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. This is my childhood."

Story credit: Reddit / Ujou_Danjin_Ken

No One Put Your Failures On the Internet

resize41192458172_687fff2e3c_o-6149e4ce84198__700.jpg.optimal.jpgFlickr / Stock Catalog / CC 2.0

"Being able to be an idiot in your formative years and not worry about it being filmed and/or put on the internet forever"

Story credit: Reddit / DenzelEd12

There Was Hope For the Future


"There was a time when we felt the world was getting better, not worse."

Story credit: Reddit / MrEngin33r

Hanging Up the Phone Was Fun

resizepeople-share-things-newer-generations-will-never-understand-12-614841bbbee5a__700.jpg.optimal.jpgFlickr / Tom Page / CC 2.0

"Slamming down the receiver on a landline telephone. Pushing the red button is not nearly as satisfying."

Story credit: Reddit / iamwalldoh

You Had to Get Your Photos Developed

resizepeople-share-things-newer-generations-will-never-understand-6-61483b4aabf9e__700.jpg.optimal.jpgFlickr / Garry Knight / CC 2.0

"Taking pictures and then waiting for them to be developed to see if they turned out okay."

Story credit: Reddit / Cautious_Emotion9839

Saturday Morning Cartoons

resizepeople-share-things-newer-generations-will-never-understand-21-61484da7c7ad2__700.jpg.optimal.jpgFlickr / Farther Along / CC 2.0

"Saturday morning cartoons. I miss sitting in front of the TV and eating a bowl of cereal while Tale Spin, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or whatever Saturday morning cartoon series played. Then getting on my bike once they ended around 10 a.m. and riding over to my friend's house to play till sunset."

Story credit: Reddit / asportate

You Could Be "Off the Grid"

resize9621052386_e549fc26c8_o-6149e67ec800b__700.jpg.optimal.jpgFlickr / Abdulla Al Muhairi / CC 2.0

"The beauty of being unreachable."

Story credit: Reddit / exioce

Buying Albums For One Song

resizepeople-share-things-newer-generations-will-never-understand-5-61483a5f17545__700.jpg.optimal.jpgFlickr / Martin Pettitt / CC 2.0

"Having to buy the entire album to get one song you liked, or else wait for it to come on the radio and record it. Missing any part of the song was unacceptable, and you had to wait until it was played again."

Story credit: Reddit / hanginonwith2fingers

MTV Actually Played Music

resizepeople-share-things-newer-generations-will-never-understand-23-61484ef39c8d1__700.jpg.optimal.jpgWikimedia Commons / MTV

"MTV played music videos, had music discussion shows, and had news about music 24 hours a day at one point."

Story credit: Reddit / senorchaos718

You Couldn't Keep in Touch

resizepeople-share-things-newer-generations-will-never-understand-2-614836fd2f12a__700.jpg.optimal.jpgFlickr / Eelke / CC 2.0

"Meeting up with a friend at the movies and having no way to communicate once you’ve left the house. Your friend doesn’t show. Is he coming? Should I continue to wait and stand at the precise spot we agreed on? Has he died? Did he forget? I’ll call home using a pay phone and hope my mom is there to tell me whether he left a message on the answering machine."

Story credit: Reddit / chihuahua-mama

"Get Home Before the Street Lights Come On"

resizepeople-share-things-newer-generations-will-never-understand-11-61483e859e35c__700.jpg.optimal.jpgFlickr / Susanne Nilsson / CC 2.0

"The street lamps means it’s time to go home."

Story credit: Reddit / These-State-6555