Dear God No: These People Weren’t Supposed To See THAT

Dear God No: These People Weren’t Supposed To See THAT

We’ve all gotten a little curious sometimes and started snooping around where we weren’t supposed to. Other times, information falls into our lap without us even asking. Either way, both situations can get very awkward, very fast—and these Redditors found that out firsthand. Here are the excruciating times they stumbled on something they DEFINITELY weren’t supposed to see.

1. A Definite Overshare

One time I was up late at night scrolling Facebook at the same time as my married mother, who was an entire time zone away at the time. She was messaging an old fling from high school while her husband was away at work…and was sending him close-up pictures of her you-know-what. I found this out in the most awful way imaginable.

I know all this because she didn’t send them via messenger, SHE POSTED THEM ON HER ACTUAL FACEBOOK WALL. I had to call her in the middle of the night to get her password to delete pictures of her stuff off her own Facebook page.

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2. Long Forgotten

When I was in high school, I used to spend a lot of time exploring abandoned buildings. One time, I was in a hospital. The top levels were all vandalized beyond recognition, but the basement was untouched. I assume because people were too creeped out or because half the building collapsed, so maybe the risk kept people away.

I was dumb, though, so I went down. All the paperwork was still on the desks, prescriptions laying around, names, addresses, and phone numbers. I was honestly amazed that all that information was just left there. It felt weird because I really wasn't interested in any of it, but I couldn't stop filing through rooms of paperwork, untouched for years.

It was just a weird compulsion because I knew I wasn't supposed to ever see any of that stuff.

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3. Candid Camera

About a decade ago, someone placed a hidden camera in the living room of an apartment occupied by two middle-aged gents. Every time one of them moved around, the camera took a picture and sent it to MY email. To this day, I have no idea who these men were or why this was happening to me. I used my 1998 pinging skills and determined they were somewhere in France, while I live in the US.

For a while I felt scared to interfere, maybe it was a Mafia thing? Or something I didn't want to be involved in, anyway! The camera was hidden in some type of clock. I think it may have been sitting on a mantel because it overlooked the living room and a wall with three doors. Two of the doors were these men’s bedrooms, and the other one was the bathroom.

Many pictures were sent to me of them getting up to go to the washroom in their tightie whities in the middle of the night. Others were of them drinking bottles of red and watching TV. I waited a couple of days, thinking at some point maybe the person who set up the camera would figure out they weren't getting their emails and change the email.

Nope. Eventually, I called the company and made them stop sending the pictures. The men never did anything but sleep, eat, drink, and watch TV. Everything else is a mystery.

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4. A Rough Patch

My ex-girlfriend and I had just started to turn things around after a rocky patch in our relationship, and she left the laptop I got her next to me while she went to the store. I ended up checking her messages while she was gone, and my heart just hit the floor. She had messaged multiple guys and sent many intimate photos to other guys that she had initially sent to me.

The one that screws me up mentally to this day, though, was the message from her best friend: “Why don’t you just leave him? He’s so good to you. You know he doesn’t deserve this.” Her reply chilled me to the bone. She said, “Well, someone’s gotta pay my cell phone bill.” What was ironic was the messages all changed about a week before I read them.

She had been messaging all the guys and saying, “I can’t do this anymore. It was a mistake.” Blah blah blah, because things had been better apparently. But there was too much damage done. I still broke up with her because I knew I’d be an insecure wreck the rest of the relationship if I stayed with her. Haven’t even had the same confidence since. Cheaters suck.

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5. The Ballad Of Party Guy

I lived in Deep South Texas for a few years after graduating college. My co-workers and I used to go to this dive bar to play pool and drink on the weekends. One night, there’s an older dude we’d never seen before who’s whacked out of his mind on something. He keeps wandering around from table to table and talking to whoever was sitting there.

At one point, I noticed he kept scratching his nose each time he went to a table, and it occurred to me he was probably looking for some white stuff. Soon enough, he shows up at our pool table and starts asking us if we’d like to party with him, can we help him find some party favors? Dude is halfway to the moon, not really all there.

We try not to engage him and eventually he moves on. After a while, I don’t notice him in the bar anymore. At this point, I’m starting to get pretty tipsy myself and realize I really, really have to pee. So I start toddling towards the bathroom and step inside. As soon as I get through the door, I look up to see two very large and very angry men holding Party Guy up against the wall, punching him and threatening him.

Party Guy has a look of blissful horror on his face. As soon as they realized I was there, the two men froze and slowly swiveled their faces towards me. I just kind of sheepishly stared at them for a moment. It occurred to me that I should probably just turn around and leave, but man, I really had to go. I knew what I had to do.

My brain determined that not peeing was not an option, so I proceeded to shuffle over to the urinal while the two men stared at me. I slowly undid my belt, staring back at them the entire time with a concerned look on my face. Pee immediately started gushing out of the floodgates. We all stood there, staring in silence, as I proceeded to relieve myself.

Eventually, I finished, did up my belt, and turned to leave. I decided it was probably okay to skip washing my hands this one time and went straight for the door—everyone’s eyes following me the entire way. As I was about to step through the door, I gave a sympathetic glance towards Party Guy. With a mournful tone, he muttered, “I don’t think I’m gonna be partying tonight” and the door swung shut.

I tottered my way back to my co-workers and informed them that perhaps now was the time to make our exit and we all walked home. We never did see Party Guy again.

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6. Bad Daddy

When I was 13, I went into our computer room just in time to finish seeing my dad send an email that said, "I love you" and some other stuff to a woman who wasn't my mom. He tried to cover my eyes and act like he was joking around. I promptly left and went back a while later. I tried getting in his email, but he had changed the password.

Previously, we all knew it because his email was used to log into a lot of stuff within our family. I never told my mom—but I did get my revenge. A few years later, he divorced my mom and she asked me for help getting proof of him cheating from the laptop he had also used. I found GRAPHIC Craigslist messages that he had sent and received.

Just going to add a PSA here to parents, though: Don’t ask your child to do this. Take it to a darn computer shop and save your child the emotional and mental scars.

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7. All In Good Fun

I was at a work-related retreat for a week and ended up sharing a room with a guy from a different site. It was my first time meeting him, but we hit it off pretty well from the get-go. The last night I was there, I walked into our room and found him in bed with one of my male co-workers. Without missing a beat, I did a 180 and walked out the door without saying a word.

As I was walking away, my co-worker angrily whispered, "I thought you said you didn't have a roommate." For some reason, my roommate thought I was going to leave a night early, but that didn't happen. I ended up spending a couple of hours at the main cabin chatting with some folks so they could have their fun. I don't work there anymore, but I remember every time I would run into said co-worker, he would always try to avoid chatting with me.

I definitely didn't care if he was sleeping around, but, in retrospect, it was probably more embarrassing for him than it was for me.

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8. Letting It All Hang Out

I was hiking in a forest with some friends, and as we continued on the trail, the mound of rocks on our right side opened up to more forest. Myself and one of my friends were leading the other two by a couple of yards, and we both briefly saw a couple having intense, er, relations about a hundred feet into the forest on that right side.

My friend and I gave each other that "did you see that too?" look. By the time my other friends caught up, though, the couple had split and we couldn't see them anymore. It was like 2 pm in broad daylight off of a main road, which was the weirdest part.

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9. A Big Ol’ Softie

I live with two housemates. One of them has a cat which I think is pretty cute, but the other housemate, who is already pretty stoic in general anyway, almost refuses to acknowledge its existence. I popped my head into his room one day (his door was open) and I saw him with his headphones on, playing with the cat with one of those long stick toys with a string on the end.

He had a pretty big smile as well. He didn’t see me, and I just observed for a couple of seconds because it was surprising to me and quite cute, and then I quietly left. I didn’t bring it up afterward, either, because it seemed like a cute, private moment that I don’t think he would’ve liked anyone to have actually witnessed.

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10. Wrong Number

My mother would have me answer her phone when she was busy sometimes while I was growing up. At the time, my mother was dating this guy and he called her regularly. Well, one time I answered and he thought it was my mother. Then the most awkward few moments of my life happened. It was with him saying all kinds of stuff not meant for a child’s ears, and then I politely told him I would go get my mom now.

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11. The Woman Behind The Curtain

When I was nine years old, I walked into my parents’ room to talk to my mom, who was sleeping. She had cancer at the time, which I didn't know about, so she always wore a headscarf to hide the fact that she was losing her hair from chemotherapy. She woke up frantically and hurried me out of the room, but I cannot forget the moment when I saw her without hair and couldn't understand why.

In case you’re wondering, my mom passed two years later. I have come to terms with it though, and I am 22 years old now.

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12. Look Away!

I saw my grandma naked. My room is across the hall from the bathroom, and I would do homework a lot with headphones on. I heard my grandma holler something to me from the bathroom. I took my headphones off and look to the bathroom door right as she opened it to go to the guest bedroom. Turns out she was saying “Don’t look! Naked grandma!”

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13. Dad’s Little Secret

My dad gave me a piece of furniture one time. When I got it home, a post-it note that had been stuck to the bottom floated down to the floor. I picked it up, and in my dad's unmistakable handwriting there were various notes about gay personal ads he'd been responding to—they were mostly details about the other guys there.

Their names and ages and interests, the status of their conversations, etc. My dad was, at least I thought, very straight. I put two and two together and realized this piece of furniture was from an apartment he kept briefly while he and my stepmom were on the outs for about a year. None of this bothered me one bit, but I got the distinct impression that my stepmom (an older, very conservative lady) would NOT have been cool with any of this.

I let him go to his grave without ever telling him I knew.

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14. Silence Is Golden

When I was a kid, maybe eight years old, I went over to visit my friend who lived across the street. I’d often come over unannounced and just knock on their door to ask if my friend wanted to hang out. So I get there and knock on the door and wait for it to be answered. No one comes, but I can hear noises indicating that someone is home, so I knock again.

My friend would often play video games with headphones on and would be slow to answer the door, so I just keep waiting and knock again, unsure why it’s taking so long for the door to be answered. My friend’s dad walks into the hallway to try to spy through the glass door to see who it is. He stands there fully naked, and we make eye contact through the glass.

I turn to walk away, but he sees me leaving and approaches the door and opens it. At this point, I see a woman appear behind him who was similarly not-clothed and very much not his wife. My friend’s dad panicked and just stares at me. I panic too and ask if his son, my friend, is home. He awkwardly said, “No, he’s not here,” and decides that now might be a good time to finally cover himself.

I don’t say anything else and just turn to leave, at which point my friend’s dad just blurts out, “Don’t leave!” I look back, shocked and confused. He hurriedly leaves the room for a few seconds, while I’m forced to say a very awkward hello to the naked lady standing in my friend’s house. The dad comes back and hands me a fist full of cash and says, “Don’t tell anyone,” or words to that effect.

At the time, I didn’t comprehend why he was giving me money, so I refused it and just walked back home. It wasn’t until years later that I fully comprehended what I had witnessed and why my friend’s mother kicked their dad out of the house soon after that.

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15. Pandora’s Word Document

In high school, I found a document on my dad's computer that looked suspicious. When I opened it, my heart dropped. It was basically a diary of his massive crush on another woman. I don't know why I opened it, and I felt really bad, but he probably shouldn't have kept it on a computer he let me use. It was weird, but I never told anyone and tried not to think about it.

My parents are still together today and they seem (mostly?) happy. As a kid, I just felt really sad for both of my parents. I figured they were just staying married because they didn't believe in divorce, but since I've actually been in relationships now I get that that's just a thing that happens, and maybe he was trying to write it out to move on.

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16. I’ll Be Over Here

When I was 18, I was pulling an all-nighter trying to finish an English project. I decided to take a break and grab a can of coke from the kitchen. While walking there, I passed the living room—and saw my father screwing his friend's wife on the couch. I turned right the heck around and decided that tap water from the bathroom would suffice.

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17. All In The Family

When I was 14, I was at my cousin’s house. We were supposed to be out swimming, but I had snuck back into the house to take a drink…and I caught my aunt in a very compromising position with my uncle. He gave me $100 on the spot to keep quiet. Every time after that when I would see him, he would always slip me anywhere from $20 to $50.

Finally, when I was about 19 I told him, “It’s all good dude, you do you.” He gave me a hug and we have been thick as thieves since then.

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18. Password Protected

I was waiting in a condo apartment lobby, and I asked the concierge for the Wi-Fi password. She was not good with computers and just turned her screen to show a text file…that had every important password and keycode for the building. I am talking, router password, boiler room key combination, package room door code, security camera server password, their concierge email login. Everything.

Then, because she didn't want to read out each letter, SHE LET ME TAKE A PICTURE OF IT!

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19. A Night You Can Never Forget

I was 16 and was returning home after giving my neighbor a ride to her piano lesson. Ahead of me was a pickup truck loaded with sheetrock. It was piled up so that it was higher than the cab of the truck, and there was a family driving the truck. It was a dad, mom, and two little kids who were in the cab of the pickup truck.

The oldest daughter, who was 10 years old, was given the “honor” of riding on top of the sheetrock to hold it down. Then the nightmare hit. I watched as the wind picked up the sheetrock, and she had a flying carpet for a few seconds before she slammed into the asphalt in front of me. I was able to stop before I hit her, and I was the first to get to her.

Blood was everywhere. She was blowing it out of her nose and mouth trying to breathe. A nurse was the second to come up. She told me to hold her head straight and talk softly to her. Her parents were obviously beside themselves. By the time I got back in the car, I was covered in her blood—face, neck, shoulders, hands, and the summer dress I had on.

I was able to drive home, my friend and I both in shock. I tried to get in the house without anyone seeing me, as I looked like the accident victim. I walked past my mom to go to the shower and asked my friend to tell her what happened. My mom was so shocked by what she saw that she followed me. I got in the shower with my bloody clothes on to try to get the stains out.

I will never forget that day. I should not have seen that tragedy. I watched the newspapers for several days, since this was way before home computers, cell phones, and mandatory child safety seats. She passed away after several days in the hospital. That’s how I found out her age and that she had two younger siblings. Breaks my heart still.

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20. More Than He Bargained For

This isn’t about me, but my dad. He stepped outside a bar one night on a rainy day to get more something from his car and saw one guy kneeling on the ground holding another dude’s face down in a pothole puddle, with the other guy thrashing wildly. My dad said that instinct took over and he just ran up and kicked the attacker in the head as hard as he could, knocking him out.

He sat with the victim until he left to make sure the dude was ok and didn't try to hurt the now unconscious attacker. Then he made an anonymous 9-1-1 call so that someone would tend to the unconscious guy and left. He said it was the creepiest thing he ever just walked in on, and he never, ever went back to that bar again.

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21. Bad Timing

When I was in high school, I saw one of my best friend's moms naked. She hadn't expected us to arrive home, so she took a bath and left the door ajar. I was desperate to pee, so I went barging into the bathroom just as she was stepping out of the tub and stretching to reach a towel rack. I was terribly embarrassed and apologetic, but not entirely sorry.

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22. Do Not Disturb

I was 14 and working as the turn-down girl in a fancy hotel—basically, I put out the chocolate and laid out the robe. I went to service a room, knocked several times before entering, and saw two extremely flexible people having very enthusiastic…relations. I was a virgin and barely even understood those acts, so I just kind of stared at them for a second before I realized what was happening!

I shut the door and hung a spare, “Do Not Disturb” sign on their door. I hope they didn't see me. I'm pretty sure they didn't; they were, uh, very focused. I've tried to recreate their positions from memory and I've never been in shape enough to do it. Good for them, but jeebus, was I traumatized. Use the security latch on your hotel door, people!

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23. Whatever Floats Your Boat

I found out my karate teacher and his wife are into cuckolding. As in, he let other men sleep with his wife. But it’s how I found out that’s the most shocking thing. I came across a picture online of her with the men in compromising positions, though all their faces were blurred. However, I instantly recognized the room they were in…because it's the same room we had our karate lessons in.

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24. Learning About Chemistry

I’m a teacher and was helping my student, a 12-year-old boy, try to troubleshoot his Chromebook and get it working again. I always clear the cache and cookies because that usually helps, but because they are school computers, you can’t clear the history. As I opened up the tab to clear the cache and cookies, I see that his latest Google search was, “How to kiss.” He knew I saw it, and he looked so embarrassed.

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25. Who Says Boomers Can’t Use Emojis

My dad was cheating on my mom with a co-worker. I was looking for a picture to send to my grandma for a Christmas card when his mistress texted him a question about what time they were meeting tomorrow. Curious, I scrolled up and saw a picture of her breasts—oh, but it didn’t stop there. My dad’s response was “daddy likes” with an eggplant emoji and water drops.

I showed my mom the texts right after I finished throwing up.

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26. No Labels

My parents were getting ready to head out for a double date with my friend’s parents. Everyone came over to our place beforehand and brought their kids because their oldest daughter was going to babysit the rest of us. The adults were in the kitchen chatting and my siblings and I decided we want to show our new sitter this home video we made of a turtle we caught.

None of the tapes were labeled well, so of course, we end up putting on what turned out to be my parents’ bedroom tape. Five kids with our jaws on the floor watched as my mom pulled down my dad’s boxers and…you get the rest. The sitter, who was maybe 15 at the time, dove for the VCR and powered it off. Within seconds, all the parents come through, “Ok, kids, be good...” met with our stunned silence.

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27. A Little Me Time

During snowstorms, the hospital I worked at would ask staff to stay overnight to make sure that if people couldn't get on the roads the next morning they wouldn't be understaffed. Stiffs like me who worked maintenance got to go sleep in our offices on the floor. There was a suite for some of the doctors and nurses whose presences were necessary for long periods.

It was so they could take a nap usually, but would be used for overnight sleeping during snowstorms. One of the doctors that stayed was a little "off." She was friendly enough but just seemed kind of over the top with it. After sleeping on the floor, I was woken at 5 am and told that I needed to get rooms that overnighters had slept in set up for patients.

There had been a bunch of car accidents overnight and they needed the beds. First bed I went to pull the sheets off of, something felt odd. I pulled back the top sheet and there was a collection of...personal toys. The sheets were heavily stained with bodily fluids. I immediately put the sheet back on and went to a nurse to tell her that the "personal effects" of whoever had slept there needed to be collected.

She seemed confused and went in to check for herself. A moment later, she emerged and hastily picked up the phone for an overhead page. As I busied myself in another room, the doctor that was a little off came jogging quickly down the hall and into the room with a gym bag. She left several minutes later. When I entered the room again, she had stripped all the sheets from the bed and put them into the bin.

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28. Living The High Life

I was just a child, like eight years old, and I went to Calabria in southern Italy with my family for summer vacations. We rented a house for two weeks. Me, my brother, and a friend of ours were playing in the garden when we heard voices coming from the neighbor's garden. We looked out from a hole in the hedge and saw a man with the water hose in his hand, playing with seven or eight unclothed and smiling young women.

Yars later and I'm still asking myself who the heck he was.

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29. Tragic History

When I was a little kid, we watched the Challenger accident from my yard just outside Cape Canaveral. So obviously, I had to stand and watch it explode. It never should have happened in the first place and was entirely preventable, but that's another story. No one should have seen that, let alone a child. It’s honestly haunted me since then.

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30. Bad News

I saw the chest X-ray of someone who had six months to live. I was a construction worker then, and I was fire caulking the ceiling of a hospital when one of the wound techs (who was old and tenured) gasped. Whatever it was must have been bad to make her gasp. I looked down. "He has no more than six months to live, if even that," she said.

The X-ray was of a lung, but the masses were so thick and huge it made the screen look almost entirely white. "He has no idea, he’s never even had a chest X-ray before."

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31. She’s Still Got It

I was fixing an elderly neighbor’s laptop that had compromising pictures of his wife on the desktop, with the thumbnails at maximum size. It’s like he wanted me to see them. I will say though, she had a bangin’ bod for a woman in her 70s. I think it’s safe to say he thought the same, or I don’t think he would be putting it up there for all to see.

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32. Public, Meet Private

I work in tech, have for almost 25 years, and I've done most IT gigs over the course of that time. The 90s and early 00s were a great time to be a techie, but it came at a cost in the private sector, as our crew was frequently “expected” to provide on-site tech support to executives, directors, etc. On one of these visits, the female HR exec, who is in her late 50s, was asking me to configure her home machine to be like her work machine.

So, I'm working away, and she brings me a paper, which has the names of sites that she wants me to set up for easy access (she didn't know what bookmarks were...). So, I'm searching for the URLs in the history. Keep in mind these are the early days of Microsoft's Internet Explorer, and the only people who know about the “history” function are mostly tech people.

So I'm typing in some of the addresses in history, so I can get exact addresses, and as I type, the history window is coming up with some incredibly interesting, *very* “adult-oriented,” previously browsed, websites. The woman pops in with some books and puts them away, casually mentioning that her husband had just got a new laptop, and was going to set up his own office space in another room, leaving this machine (that he had apparently been using) for her to use.

"That was nice of him," she says. He came home during my “support session,” and his wife explains how “I'm just setting up this computer for work...” He visibly stiffens up, casts a look my direction, and then disappears to his office. I did what I needed to do and got the heck out. I didn't mention anything to her, but I imagine he was sweating bullets for the next week or so.

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33. Buyer Beware

My boyfriend and I were messing around on my family Amazon account one day out of boredom. We found out that there is this really cool feature that lets you see all your orders from the past. We went through some of our early orders, which included some books I got for Christmas as a kid, a kindle, the elf on the shelf we had, my elementary math books, etc.

It was so cool to go down memory lane....and then....we found out about the archive feature. Intrigued as to what we possibly could have archived on Amazon, we clicked it. I wish I could unsee it. There was only one item, a 1-star rated fleshlight in October of 2019, right before our family vacation to Disney. My dad is the only male in our family, so there is no question who bought the toy, nor its intended purpose.

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34. Parent Of The Year

I was stopped at a red light and looked in the rearview mirror just in time to see the man in the car behind me smack his kid fully across the face while screaming at her. She was probably nine or 10. The light turned green and I lost sight of them after the first turn or else I would have tried to report it, but I didn't even have a license plate.

It was one of those ruin-your-day kind of moments. I really hope that kid is okay.

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35. A Double-Edged Knife

My family owns a liquor store, and we also live in a busy street. I was around 13 at the time this happened. Next to my bed was a window that allowed me to see outside while still in bed. So, one night I was doing exactly that, and I see three tipsy people, two dudes and a girl, walking down the middle of the street, arguing about something.

Suddenly, one of the dudes pulls something out of his pocket, which I now know was a knife of some sort, and stabs the other dude in the chest. Then came the blood. There was so...much...blood…I called the ambulance, and they told me to call the authorities because they can't respond when it is unsafe. So I did, and they came around 30 minutes after I called and the ambulance got there 10 minutes after that.

The stabber-dude and the girl just ran away when it happened, like this wasn't the first time they saw themselves in that situation. Luckily, the guy made it through.

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36. Toilet Training

A while ago, my dad's friend came over with his kid. Our house has a layout where there's a bathroom door within view of the fridge. I later go to grab a snack when I see the bathroom light on with the door open, and in full view the kid is entirely naked standing on the seat peeing into the bowl. Noticing no one else was around, I walked away and tried to ignore that area until they left.

I still don't know why they go to the bathroom like that when they're definitely tall enough.

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37. Too Close For Comfort

Not me, but my uncle. I was scrolling through the photos on my phone one day, showing him pictures of my friends and whatnot—and one of the photos I scrolled to was a close-up shot of my breasts that I had sent to my boyfriend a while back and forgot to delete. I was mortified, and I think he was too…Sorry, Uncle John.

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38. In The Know

About eight years ago, I came across an email chain on my immediate boss’s computer. It was about a coup some of the directors were organizing against the CEO and owner of the business to remove them from their positions. I found out nine months before it became public knowledge when the owner sent out an email stating he was leaving.

What I didn’t know when I read the original email was that the coup caused a rift in one of the interstate offices that resulted in 60% of the staff leaving that office. Then of course, last year, I got sent an email with everyone's salaries on it. Found out I was severely getting underpaid, so I will use it for my upcoming performance review.

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39. Loose Lips

I caught my step-dad looking at private ads for Army hookups. I decided not to tell my mother out of fear that it would worsen her depression and cause her to do something terrible. PLOT TWIST. We got into an argument a few days later and, me being an adolescent but maturing (kind of), I decided to write down my feelings.

I let everything loose. Something along the lines of, “You don’t even know how to keep your husband happy.” I ultimately tore it up and threw it in the trash. Well, I ended up getting kicked out and moving back to Arizona, not knowing why my mom hated my guts. She passed the day I arrived back. Come to find out she found the ripped-up note and pieced it together.

This all lead to me getting kicked out and her overdosing on her medication. I didn’t know about her finding the note until three years later. She found it, told my grandmother, and my grandmother then took out a lot of her spite on me when my mom passed. She said I was a rotten human being, calling me every name in the book.

I was shocked and denied it because I didn’t even think of the note. Grandmother then told me on her deathbed about my mom finding the note, and mailed me the message that was taped back together. I felt awful. Two for one. I saw something I shouldn’t have and so did my mother.

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40. Blood, Sweat, And Tears

My mom was going through severe menstrual bleeding for most of my childhood, so I would find blood-soaked pads under the beds because she never got any privacy and she bled so much, she had to change them every hour. All of this while she worked two jobs and held a family of five together. Eventually, a neighbor who was a doctor suggested to my dad something was seriously wrong.

She had a hysterectomy the following month, and dad got his mom to look after her. Grandma shooed my brother and me out of the bedroom where we were playing next to mom, but we sneaked to the window above. Seeing the bandages and the blood and the pain she was in took all the childhood out of both of us. We have never spoken of it since.

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41. A True Dog Lover

My aunt is really odd. One day, we were sitting in the living room talking with a number of family members. She was petting her dog and when people were distracted suddenly by something outside, I witnessed her pull a crusty out of the corner of the dog's eye and put it in her mouth. As an eight-year-old, this was rather traumatic and confusing.

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42. What She Doesn’t Know…

I went on a road trip with my grandma when I was 15, and my mom let me borrow her suitcase. I’m pretty sure she forgot that she'd stashed an envelope of VERY dirty photos of her and my stepfather. About a dozen, in various acts, with various people and objects. But that’s not even the worst part. My grandma walked in as I discovered them and I was in a PANIC fearing she might ask to see the photos I was looking at.

Thankfully, my aunt distracted her and I was able to hide them away in the pocket where I'd found them. It was quite an awakening.

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43. Show Me The Money

At work once, I was waiting for the printer, and there was another job ahead of mine in the print queue. I was curious because it was taking a long time. So I opened that job…and it was everyone's payroll checks! I could see how much our top dogs were making per week. A little math, and I knew their approximate annual salaries. I wasn't supposed to see that.

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44. He Wants To Get Caught

My ex-boyfriend used my laptop sometimes, and he left his Facebook open on his messages. I'm not the snooping type and I had no reason not to trust him, but the very top message preview was "What she doesn't know won't hurt her," and I didn't recognize the other girl's name. I went down a rabbit hole and found out he was texting several girls.

I also found out he was using my laptop to watch a ton of adult stuff on his days off and was still regularly reaching out to girls on Plenty of Fish, where he had an active account, and had a secret second email he'd give those gals to talk to them. Then he had the gall to try to tell me off for snooping through his private affairs...dude you literally used MY laptop to do all this.

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45. Eye Witness

I’ll try to paint the scene. It’s a sweltering summer day in a sketchy downtown parking lot. I’m sitting in my car. I see a guy push over a portable washroom with another guy inside. The poor dude was covered head to toe in the contents of a hot, city toilet. I could smell it from my car. This guy obviously flips out and he starts beating the living heck out of the dude who pushed over the toilet. It escalated fast.

He gets the guy on the ground, picks up a huge cement brick, and repeatedly smashes it on the guy’s head. It was a horrific scene. Nobody knew I was there and I had to testify in a court case years later.

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46. Gone Too Soon

I saw a man crash his motorcycle into the back of a parked car. He flipped over the car, hitting his head on the pavement, and he died on the scene. Firefighters showed up and sprayed the wreckage down the storm drain. Later found out it was a girl’s father who I went to middle school with. I was only 12 at the time.

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47. Revenge Is Best Served Hot

I was two weeks into a new job, and it was a Friday before a long weekend so most of the office had left early or taken the day off. By the end of the day, it was just me and my project manager left. I let her know I was leaving, but on my way out the door, I forgot to drop off a document for my boss so I went back to my desk to get it.

My boss was doing some renovations in his office so I couldn't just leave the document on his desk as usual. Instead, there was a table with a bin in one of the corners of the room. The table had a foldable room divider in front of it, so I had to go behind it to drop off the files. As I'm standing there giving the files a quick look over, the project manager walks in.

I see her, through the gaps in the divider, come in with a plastic bag, a roll of paper towel, and a roll of toilet paper. She then places some paper towel on the boss's chair, turns around, pulls her pants down, and starts farting and pooping on the boss's chair. I didn't know what to do, so I kept silent and hoped she didn't come to where I was.

After she finished, she said, "From one butthole to another," packed her stuff up, and left. I waited until I heard the alarm arming sound before I ran out, disabled it, and waited until she drove away.

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48. It’s All A Lie

My childhood was very abnormal. I slept in a bedroom with my dad, in two separate beds, while my mom slept across the house in her own bedroom. So it was obvious that things weren’t okay, even to young me. He was gone on weekends, and until the early hours of the morning most weeknights. But I only found out the whole truth much later.

I found a text message on my dad’s phone to an unsaved number saying that he would love to be spending Christmas with his “real” family. I was 13. I just wanted to play Snake, man. Even later, an adult with a family and life of my own, I found out that my dad was openly cheating on my mom with the same woman for the duration of their 18-year marriage, and I had a half-sister who is my age.

I’m 90% sure that the text message was to that woman, but I never bothered to ask.

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49. Haunted House

My mom and sister were on vacation, so it was me and my dad home alone. It was past my bedtime, but I couldn’t sleep so I went downstairs to see what my dad was doing. As I’m going down, I saw something that made me stop in my tracks. I see across my living room the silhouette of a woman walking by. I only saw it for a split second.

My dad came running towards me like, “Hey buddy, how’s it going, give me a hug!” He held me back so I couldn’t get past him to see who it was. I was really upset because I thought it was my sister and they were playing a trick on me or something. My dad was quick to tell me, “Oh, you thought you saw a ghost! Let’s call your mom and tell her you thought you saw a ghost!”

Years later, my mom finds out my dad’s been cheating and now he’s married to the woman. That guy sucks.

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50. A Nasty Surprise

When I was about five years old, I woke up to the snow outside our house finally starting to melt. That’s when I noticed a girl "asleep" in the garden. I went and told my dad. He took one look and his face went white. He told me to go play in my room. Turns out, the girl had been "asleep" in our front garden for about two weeks, buried and frozen under the snow.

I didn't know she was actually a corpse until I was about 16, when I mentioned to my dad, "Remember that girl asleep in the garden?" Dad was like, “You idiot, that was a body." As far as I know, she was in her late teens or early 20s. We lived in a pretty rough area at the time, and she had probably been out partying, sat on our garden wall, and passed out.

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