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Don’t Eat These 10 Foods During Menopause, Eat These 10 Instead

Menopause is yet another unpleasant experience women endure. Between the hot flashes, hormone imbalances, and potential weight gain, menopause can be a grueling transition for anyone. The right diet, however, can make it far easier—here...

May 23, 2024 Maria Cruz


You're Probably Wrong About These Common Food Facts

Ever heard those age-old sayings about food that get passed down through the years? Or maybe you've stumbled upon some wild food myths on social media? It can be a real puzzle figuring out what's…

by Giulia Orsino Jun 6, 2024

You Should Really Avoid These Foods When You're Eating Out

Dining out is one of life's greatest pleasures. There's nothing quite like sitting back, ordering off a menu, and letting someone else do the cooking (and the dishes). But amidst restaurant menus, some sneaky dishes…

by Giulia Orsino Jun 2, 2024

You Should Be Eating These High Protein Breakfasts Before Your Morning Coffee

Before you brew your cup of joe, try starting your day with a high-protein breakfast. It doesn't have to be anything fancy - it can be quick and painless if you really want it to…

by Giulia Orsino Jun 14, 2024

Boiled, Fried, or Fermented? You Need To Try These Weird Dishes At Least Once

From the bizarre to the downright surprising, the world is full of weird and wonderful dishes that are waiting to be tried. Whether you're a daring foodie or just looking to spice up your dining…

by Giulia Orsino May 30, 2024

You Can Make These Delicious Dishes on The BBQ at Home

Whether you're a seasoned grill master or a BBQ novice, there's always room to experiment with new flavours and techniques. From mouth-watering meats to vegetarian delights and even some unexpected sweet treats, the possibilities are…

by Giulia Orsino Jun 12, 2024

The Worst Rated Beers In America & The Best

Saint Patrick's Day is coming up so we know you're all loading up on beer to celebrate the holiday. While you're likely just picking up some of the cheapest options out there, let's talk a…

by Cathy Liu Jun 14, 2024