Listen Up Meat-Lovers: Here Are The Best Ways to Prepare Your Steak

Listen Up Meat-Lovers: Here Are The Best Ways to Prepare Your Steak

Everyone loves a good cut of steak - but if you're at home stuck on how to cook it, don't worry, we've created a list of the 20 most amazing ways to prepare it. Steaks are a versatile cut of meat; they'll taste good no matter how you cook it! But besides your classic grilled or pan-seared, there are plenty of other methods of preparation. Jump out of your comfort zone and try one!

1. Classic Grilled

A classic grilled steak is simplicity at its finest. Grilling steak over an open flame is the perfect way to bring out its rich and smoky flavours. Season simply with salt and pepper to really draw out its meaty, natural flavour, and cook to your preferred level of doneness for the ultimate taste experience.

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2. Sous Vide Precision

For any perfectionist out there, cooking your steak via sous vide ensures precise, even cooking throughout. Basically, using this machine should guarantee you a perfectly cooked steak every time. Season and seal in a bag, then just finish it off with a quick sear for a wonderfully tender and juicy result.

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3. Pan-Seared Butter Baste

For a more indulgent and flavourful method of preparation, go for a pan-seared butter baste. Searing your steak in a hot pan and basting it in that delicious butter, garlic, and fresh herb concoction will ensure all the flavours infuse into the steak. The result? An irresistible slab of meat with incredible flavour; the crust that gets developed is to die for!

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4. Reverse Searing

To get the best of both worlds, try the reverse searing method. Just start by slow-roasting your steak in the oven before finishing it off with a high-heat sear. Cooking it this way offers a perfect edge-to-edge doneness and a shockingly amazing crispy exterior.

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5. Smoked Steak

If you're a big BBQ lover, this is your dream come true. For the ultimate unique and deep flavour, try slow smoking your steak over some wood chips. Although it's a slower cooking process, it'll create the ultimate smokiness in your beautiful steak. 

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6. Broiled to Perfection

A quick and easy method for cooking your steak is to broil it. Broiling your steak under high heat is a fast way to achieve both a deliciously charred crust and a juicy interior. It's an excellent method for colder days when outdoor grilling just isn't in the cards.

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7. Steak Tartare

For those of you with a more adventurous palate, how about trying your steak without even cooking it? That's right, this classic French dish features finely chopped RAW steak seasoned with capers, onions, and a raw egg yolk. It's certainly a bold way to enjoy steak, but you'll be surprised by how delicate the taste is. 

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8. Asian-Style Stir Fry

Give your steak an extra boost of flavour by stir-frying it. Thinly slicing your steak and stir-frying it with vegetables, soy sauce, and spices offers you a quick and savory meal. It's an excellent way to incorporate any leftover steak you have, turning it into a diverse and vibrant dish full of flavour.

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9. Steak Diane

Steak Diane is an absolutely delicious way to cook your steak. This show-stopping method involves pan-frying the steak and then flambeing it with cognac. Not only does it put on a show, when it's finished off with a creamy mushroom sauce, you'll be stunned by how amazing it tastes. It's such a luxurious way to elevate your steak game!

1024Px-Steak Diane (11484836483)Ruth Hartnup from Vancouver, Canada on Wikimedia Commons

10. Herb Crusted

To give your steak some extra texture and aroma, giving it an herb-crust is the way to go. Coat your steak with a mix of crushed herbs and breadcrumbs before roasting or pan-frying it. This method adds a delightful crunch to every bite, while also upping the overall flavour and taste.

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11. Charcoal Barbecue

Give your steak a rustic charm by cooking it over a charcoal barbecue that infuses it with a distinct earthy smokiness. It'll definitely take longer to cook, so doing this method will require patience on your part. But the end result is so rewarding when you take a bite into that juicy steak that's just bursting with deep, complex flavours.

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12. Steak Fajitas

Throw your steak a party by giving it this fun and festive Mexican twist! Sizzle your steak with some bell peppers and onions, then serve on warm tortillas with a squeeze of lime. Steak fajitas are a lively, interactive meal that'll really bring the essence of Mexican cuisine right to your table.

Lindo Mexico Ii - November 9 2023 - Sarah StierchMissvain on Wikimedia Commons

13. Blackened Cajun Style

Love a little spice and heat? Coating your steak in Cajun spices is the perfect way to give it a bolder flavour. Once seasoned, sear it in a very hot pan which will create a blackened crust full of spicy flavours. It's fiery and flavour-packed, making it an optimal way to enjoy your steak.

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14. Coffee-Rubbed

Yes, coffee can be used in cooking! To give your steak a uniquely rich flavour, rub it with a blend of ground coffee and spices before cooking. This method will give it a deep, slightly bitter flavour that will surprisingly complement the meat's natural taste.

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15. Steak au Poivre

Gotta love this French classic! Coat your steak in cracked peppercorns before searing it, creating a crust that's slightly spicy and completely packed with flavour. Serve it with a creamy peppercorn sauce that pairs well with the steak, and you've got yourself a luxurious slab of meat.

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16. Mediterranean Herb Marinated

For a more refreshing and herby taste, marinate your steak in olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, and Mediterranean herbs like rosemary and thyme. You're going to absolutely fall in love with this combination of flavours. The result is a bright, aromatic steak that's perfect for a summer evening.

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17. Korean Bulgogi

Let's switch things up by visiting Korea for this insanely delicious beef dish. Sweet and savory, Korean bulgogi goes well with everything. To make it, just marinate your steak in a mixture of soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil, and garlic. All you have to do is just grill it or pan-fry it and you're done!

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18. Argentinian Chimichurri

Who doesn't love a bit of chimichurri with their steak? Served alongside your grilled steak, this vibrant green sauce will completely elevate the whole dish. It's made from parsley, garlic, vinegar, and chili flakes. It'll give the meat that refreshing zing that cuts straight through all the richness. Who knew such a simple sauce could make such a difference!

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19. Blue Cheese Crust

While many people aren't a fan of blue cheese, if you're in the minority, this delicious method of preparation is for you. Once your steak has been cooked, just top it with a mixture of blue cheese and breadcrumbs before broiling it until bubbly and golden. This adds creamy and tangy layer of flavour that any blue cheese-lover will absolutely adore.

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20. Red Wine Reduction

Create an elegant dish by cooking your steak in a red wine reduction. After cooking your steak, deglaze the pan with some red wine which will create a rich, flavourful sauce. This classic and simple method will add a touch of sophistication and depth to your steak dinner.

Tenderloin With Reduction In Red Wine (29938044775)Luca Nebuloni on Wikimedia Commons