Visit These 10 Countries If You Want To Try Amazing Food, But Skip These 10

Visit These 10 Countries If You Want To Try Amazing Food, But Skip These 10

If you're a fan of trying the best cuisine this beautiful planet has to offer you've come to the right place! So many countries have delicious food. We're going to steer you in the right direction to help you experience some new exciting flavors and some to avoid! Here are 10 countries with food you must try and 10 countries that may lack what you're looking for.  

1. Japan:

Both simple and complex, Japanese flavors are quite unique. Everything from sushi and sashimi to ramen and tempura, attention to detail is priority. Umami rich ingredients like miso and soy sauce bring the food to the next level.

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2. Italy:

It is widely known that Italy's pizza and pasta can't be missed. Italian cuisine has a simplistic relatability after all, with their focus on fresh and high-quality ingredients making dishes taste as delicious as possible. You’ve gotta try their hearty Bolognese sauce and creamy tiramisu.

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3. Mexico:

Mexican cuisine is a collection of exciting bold flavors. Using peppers, spices, and herbs, it gives their food its signature heat. Must try foods such as tacos, enchiladas, and guacamole are just the tip of the iceberg for what Mexican food has to offer.

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4. Thailand:

Thai cuisine is a balance of sweet and spicy. Herbs like lemongrass, cilantro and ginger, create the base for their many noodle and soup dishes. Try their creamy green curry or tangy pad thai to experience an explosion of flavour.

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5. France:

France is renowned for its elegant dishes. Their famous dishes include coq au vin stew, soft croissants, and macaron pastries. The many fresh and seasonal ingredients push delicate French cuisine to the max.

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6. India:

Full of rich spices, Indian food hits every inch of your taste buds. Known for their butter chicken, curries, biryanis, and naan bread, the overwhelming array of spices creates unrivaled flavors.

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7. Greece:

Greek Food is quite simple. They like to use olive oil and herbs on their vegetables and cheeses, to make light and healthy, but delicious dishes. You must try their moussaka, souvlaki, and baklava.

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8. Vietnam:

Vietnamese food is built from Chinese and French influences. They use fish sauce in their dishes to create light and healthy food. You must try Pho, a street food soup noodle dish - it’s one of a kind.

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9. Lebanon:

Lebanese food is a fusion of delicate flavors inspired by both the Mediterranean and Middle East. Famous for their mezze lamb dishes, their consistent use of za’atar and sumac spices give the food a distinguished taste.

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10. Peru:

Peru has a diverse cultural history. They use ingredients such as corn, potatoes, and quinoa, taken from their Spanish, African, and Asian Influences. Must tries include ceviche and pachamanca (meat and veggies cooked in an underground oven).

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1. United Kingdom:

UK cuisine is often called out for being bland and unexciting. They do have a few famous dishes such as fish and chips or bangers and mash. However, the use of boiled veggies, beans, and unsalted meats in general make their food boring in flavor.

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2. China:

Traditional Chinese food is very hit or miss due to how different it is. Their native cuisine is quite more untamed than what you may have tried in western countries. They like to use unconventional meats and fish which can be a turn off for many people.

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3. Brazil:

Brazilian food has meat as the major focus of their diet. Vegetarians will find their options severely limited. Some would say their reliance on deep-frying and grilling make their food heavy and one-dimensional.

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4. Iceland:

Iceland's harsh climate means preserved foods are a mainstay in their cuisine. Their dishes often include pickled foods, which can be an acquired taste. They are also limited by their short supply of produce, so some dishes may lack nutritious value.

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5. Netherlands:

Food in the Netherlands is often called out for being primarily deep-fried. Most likely due to their most famous dishes bitterballen and stroopwafels. Many people argue their food is unhealthy and lacks depth and flavor.

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6. Saudi Arabia:

Saudi Arabian cuisine is full of spiced lamb and chicken. Some people may not be used to the strong za'atar flavors that can overwhelm your taste-buds. They are not known for many quality vegetarian dishes.

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7. Nigeria:

Food in Nigeria is heavily focused on starchy meat dishes. Any beef with rice, cassava, and yam are common meals. People who prefer a more diverse diet, may struggle to find consistent dishes of their liking.

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8. South Africa:

Due to their Dutch and British influences, South African cuisine in has become heavy greasy food. Their famous dishes, bobotie and meatloaf, have been criticized for being too oily and underwhelming.

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9. Russia:

Russian food is full of hearty dishes due to their colder climate. Unfortunately, this also means their food options are limited. People often complain the food is repetitive and needing variety.

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10. Australia:

Australia cuisine is home to meat eaters. With a focus on mainly beef and lamb, once again vegetarians may find it difficult finding top tier dishes. Known for their using of BBQ and grilling some people may find their food to be repetitively mid.

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