10 Rare Food Allergies You Hardly Ever See & 10 of the Most Common

10 Rare Food Allergies You Hardly Ever See & 10 of the Most Common

Are you allergic to any foods? Or are you one of those lucky people who aren't allergic to anything and can enjoy whatever they please? But regardless of which description fits you, we're just here to spread more information about allergies. Here are 10 that are very rare and 10 of the most common that you probably heard of many times before.

1. Avocado

Luckily for most people, being allergic to avocadoes is incredibly rare. Which means for a majority of you, you can go on safely enjoying your avocado toasts. But for the unlucky few, you have to be extra careful - an avocado allergy may be uncommon, but it can also be incredibly dangerous. Some symptoms include stomach pain, hives, and even more extreme ones like anaphylaxis.

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2. Marshmallows

These fluffy delights may seem like magical sweet treats, but for some people out there, marshmallows are their biggest nightmares. A world without s'mores sounds like a rough one after all! Though it's a fairly uncommon allergy, people may react to the gelatin in marshmallows, resulting in various different symptoms from mild itching to severe anaphylaxis.

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3. Banana

Pretty uncommon, most people are safe from bananas and can eat them at their leisure. Enjoying their amazing health benefits and energizing properties, what's not to love? Sadly, for the minority in the world who are allergic to bananas, coming close to one can pose serious risks. Symptoms might include itching, swelling in the throat, and difficulty breathing.

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4. Corn

Here's a piece of good news - it's pretty rare to find people allergic to corn! Maybe it's because corn can be found in many things that we eat, from processed foods to various non-food products, but you simply don't hear about it very often. And we're incredibly thankful for that because we can't imagine a world where we couldn't enjoy these sweet vegetables. 

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5. Mustard

Mustard allergies are considered pretty rare, but they're also known to cause some of the most severe reactions. In the most extreme cases, you might have symptoms like skin rashes, gastrointestinal distress, or even anaphylaxis. Might want to get checked out before you eat your next hot dog, just to be safe.

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6. Red Meat

Wouldn't it suck to be allergic to red meat? Not being able to enjoy a thick cut of steak or porkchop sounds terrible! While it's good that this allergy isn't found in the majority of people, it doesn't mean everyone is safe from it. In fact, being allergic to red meat is often linked to a tick bite that sensitizes you to something called alpha-gal, a sugar found in meat. 

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7. Mango

Did you know mangoes are kind of in the same family as poison ivy? These delicious tropical fruits contain a chemical called urushiol, which is also found in poison ivy. This can trigger people's allergic reactions, which may take the form of contact dermatitis around the mouth or generalized allergic symptoms. It can anything from mild to moderate to extreme.

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8. Lemon

If you love a bit of a zesty kick to your food, you'll be happy to hear that lemon is a pretty uncommon allergy to have. But for those who have it, it causes similar reactions to those with other citrus fruit allergies. One common symptom is experiencing itching and swelling around the lips or throat.

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9. Gelatin

Derived from animal collagen, gelatin is on the rare side when it comes to common allergies. Rare doesn't mean impossible though! For sensitive individuals, having this allergy can be an annoying one. Likely symptoms of this can range from mild stomach upsets to severe reactions like vomiting or swelling of the throat. All of which sound terrible by the way.

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10. Rice

As a staple ingredient in many cuisines and found in many pantries across the globe, it would absolutely suck to be allergic to rice. Just take a moment to think about this: what would you do if you were allergic to rice? How greatly would that impact your daily life? Although it's a pretty rare one to have, the thought of it is still hard to imagine.

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1. Peanuts

You've definitely experienced the "no peanut butter allowed" policy when you were an elementary school student. That's because peanut allergies are one of the most common allergies around, not to mention possibly one of the most dangerous too. Because of how prominent this ingredient can be found, it's particularly dangerous and frustrating to deal with. From mild symptoms like hives and itching, it can get pretty serious when you're dealing with life-threatening anaphylaxis.

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2. Tree Nuts

Not just peanuts, we're talking about almost every kind of nut - almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, cashews, pistachios, and so on! Tree nuts are a very common food allergy that many people have to deal with. And sadly, just like peanuts, avoiding them is immensely challenging given how often they're used in various cuisines and processed foods. You better just always be on the look out!

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3. Milk

Being allergic to milk just seems like such a hassle. Cow's milk allergies are arguably the most common food allergy found in babies and young children. The good news is, many of them outgrow it by the time they're five! Which is such a relief, because dealing with symptoms like rashes and stomach pain just sounds like no fun.

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4. Eggs

Another ingredient found in many different foods, having an egg allergy might prove to be rather difficult. It's one that often appears early on in childhood, but is also frequently outgrown. Common reactions people might have to it include skin-related reactions, respiratory problems, and in the worst case, anaphylaxis. And it's important to note both egg whites AND yolks can trigger allergies!

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5. Soy

Another one that typically happens during infancy or early childhood, you better look out for soy products because it's a common allergy! This one might take a little longer to grow out of, but many children still overcome this allergy by the time they're of school age. Typically causing mild to moderate symptoms like hives or eczema, let's just hope you don't have it because it's another ingredient found in many processed foods. That's kind of hard to avoid!

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6. Wheat

Wheat allergies are often confused with celiac disease, but we're here to tell you those are different conditions. Having this allergy can cause an entire range of symptoms like hives, difficulty breathing, vomiting, or anaphylaxis. Children are commonly affected, but it's also possible to outgrow it by the time you're about 16 years of age.

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7. Fish

Imagine a world where you could never enjoy sushi again! How devastated would you be? As an allergy that can develop both in your early years or as an adult, fish allergies are a pain to deal with. They're usually lifelong conditions too! The most common symptom people face with this allergy is having to deal with hives.

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8. Shellfish

Here's a complicated one - shellfish allergies can vary from person to person. While it is pretty common, whether you're allergic to every kind or just a particular one, depends entirely on your body. Some people might just be allergic to shrimp, some might be allergic to shrimp AND crab, and some might be allergic to everything. It's one that's more common in adults than children too. So watch out and keep an eye out for symptoms!

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9. Sesame

You might be surprised to learn that sesame allergies are so common. It's become a lot more recognized over the years, with people learning to respect the very severe reactions it can cause. While you might think otherwise at first, it's actually quite difficult to avoid given how sesame seeds and sesame oil are very dominantly used in Asian cuisines.

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10. Gluten

Okay, while it's not exactly an allergy, we couldn't leave out a very common sensitivity known as celiac disease. Gaining more recognition in recent times, gluten-related disorders can often cause symptoms very similar to allergies. If you love bread, you have the gluten found in wheat, barley, and rye to blame.

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