20 Best Dinner Recipes For Diabetics

20 Best Dinner Recipes For Diabetics

Diabetes can come with seemingly limiting dietary restrictions—but there are still so many dinner options available to help you retain nutrients and manage blood sugar spikes. Here are 20 simple options to try!

1. Salmon With Asparagus

You can’t go wrong with salmon and asparagus for dinner; your main is chock full of omega-3 fatty acids that promote heart health and reduce inflammation (which is important for diabetes management) while asparagus is a low-calorie veggie. Those stalks also have plenty of fiber that helps with digestion. 

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2. Slow Cooker Stew

Beef or pork work wonders as the star of the show, and you can use either for a hearty stew full of protein and flavor. Reach for a leaner cut, however, to keep calories and fat content down while still getting all the nutrients. 

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3. Turkey Stir-Fry

Lean turkey is a great protein source that doesn’t come with the fat of other meats. You can also toss in all kinds of beneficial vegetables like bell peppers or broccoli to add some vitamins, minerals, and fiber—all of which stabilize blood sugar.

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4. Lemon Chicken

Anyone can make a good lemon chicken, especially because you only need a sprinkle of salt and pepper, garlic, and rosemary. Fresh lemon juice adds a delicious tangy flavor to the breasts and make a healthy main alongside veggies or quinoa. 

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5. Baked Cod With Vegetables

Diabetes patients are more susceptible to osteoporosis, so maintaining a balanced diet’s even more important. Vitamin D is a good way to promote bone health and it can be found in all kinds of yummy foods, like cod. Cod is also a lean protein that pairs well with mineral-rich veggies like Brussels sprouts or sweet potatoes.

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6. Eggplant Parmesan

For a food so low in calories and carbs, eggplant is still rich in fiber and antioxidants—and ideal for diabetes management. You can also make it even healthier by baking your eggplant, not frying, to reduce the fat but keep the nutrients. Pair it with whole wheat pasta for more fiber, which is also good for regulating blood sugar.

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7. Chicken and Vegetable Skewers

Nothing beats the grill, even for more simplistic dinner options like chicken and veggies! Grilled skewers have tons of flavor without any added fat, which keeps them healthy, tasty, and good options for anyone with diabetes. You can also swap out rice or potato sides for quinoa.

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8. Pork Chops

Who can resist the call of a nice chop for dinner? Pork chops pair great with mashed potatoes or a salad, allowing you to fill up on protein and vitamins while also maintaining a healthy blood sugar level. You can also steam veggies instead. 

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9. Grilled Tofu and Veggies

Not everyone wants meat for dinner, but that doesn’t mean you’re out of options! Tofu is a versatile protein perfect for diabetes patients because it’s low in saturated fat, cholesterol, and calories. Steamed veggies like broccoli or cauliflower provide even more fiber and vitamins.

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10. Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed peppers are traditionally made with ground beef, but creative tweaks make the whole thing healthier. Turn to ground turkey for a lean protein and quinoa for the fiber and nutrients—together they make a nutritious stuffing that help prevent blood sugar spikes. 

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11. Lettuce Wraps

Give yourself that taco crunch without all the calories—lettuce wraps are healthy and allow you to toss in whatever ingredients float your boat. Ground turkey can provide all the lean protein while veggies like peppers or carrots contribute fiber and nutrients. You’re left with a low-carb option that’s less calories than traditional wraps, but still packs flavor.

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12. Shrimp and Avocado Salad

Lean protein doesn’t stop with classic options like turkey or salmon—shrimp is packed with nutrients and vitamins, and doesn’t come with many calories. Pair it with a superfood like avocado and you’ll have a salad filled with healthy fats, fiber, and potassium. 

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13. Quinoa Salad

Like it or not, quinoa is rich in protein and fiber, two essential nutrients for preventing blood sugar spikes and maintaining overall health. Throw some chickpeas and spinach in there for an added dash of protein, antioxidants, and iron.

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14. Vegetable and Lentil Soup

Lentils are loaded with protein and fiber that help regulate blood sugar and keep you healthy—and because they’re so protein-rich, this soup is also quite filling. You’ll stay fuller even longer by including low-calorie veggies that are also high in nutrients. 

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15. Baked Chicken with Veggies

Though baked chicken may seem uninspired at first glance, it’s one of the simplest dinner options packed with protein, low in saturated fat, and high in vitamins and nutrients beneficial for diabetic diets. Brussels sprouts or carrots are perfect for this, too, because the fiber and antioxidants promote good digestion and can reduce inflammation. 

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16. Turkey Burgers

No one said burgers were off the menu—in fact, turkey burgers are just as delicious as their red meat counterparts and don’t come with the added fat or calories. Keep it lean and keep it healthy with this dinner filled with protein and vitamins. 

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17. Vegetable Curry

Vegetable curry provides essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants perfect for diabetes management. If you need a little protein in there, add chickpeas to the mix to stay fuller longer and regulate blood sugar levels. 

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18. Stuffed Eggplant

If stuffed peppers aren’t your thing, you can always turn to eggplant for a vegetarian-safe option! Spinach and feta cheese go a long way for stuffing, and you won’t have to worry about lost nutrients either. Together these ingredients are packed with protein, vitamins, and calcium. 

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19. Pulled Chicken Sandwiches

Sure, they’re a little messy, but pulled chicken sandwiches are worth it for all they bring to the table—literally! Chicken is a healthy meat full of protein, vitamins, and calcium, and is a little healthier than pork. To keep carbs down you can also switch to whole wheat buns. 

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20. Vegetable Frittata

One of the best things about frittata is its versatility—bell peppers, onions, and spinach are all great options for vitamins and minerals, not to mention a touch of feta cheese. If you need a protein boost, the eggs help keep you fuller longer and regulate blood sugar levels. 

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