20 Foods High In Trans Fat You Need To Avoid Eating Too Much Of

20 Foods High In Trans Fat You Need To Avoid Eating Too Much Of

Whether it's obvious or sneakily hidden in foods you didn't expect, trans fats are simply no good and the amount you consume needs to be heavily maintained. But sometimes, it's hard to know which foods have high amounts of it. That's why we've compiled this list of 20 commonplace foods you should look out for so you can keep an eye on your intake.

1. Doughnuts

Although the doughnut in the morning paired with a warm cup of joe is the ultimate breakfast treat, we're here to say you might want to cut back. Doughnuts, especially when bought from bakeries or fast food chains, are usually deep-fried in hydrogenated oils that are rich in trans fats. It's much healthier to make them yourself at home where you can use healthier oils and ingredients.

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2. Microwave Popcorn

While you might have thought otherwise about microwave popcorn, this is one sneaky snack that might be more unhealthy than you realized. Many store brands of microwave popcorn use trans fats in their seasoning and oil mixture to extend shelf life and create that buttery flavour you love. Popcorn can still be a healthy, low-calorie snack though - you just have to air pop it and season with a little bit of natural salt instead.

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3. Frozen Pizza

Although they're so easy to throw in the oven on a busy weekday night, we're here to tell you that the convenience of frozen pizzas don't outweigh their negative health risks. You can easily find trans fats in the dough, which is what helps keep the texture soft, and in the toppings too, especially if there are any processed meats or cheeses.

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4. Non-Dairy Coffee Creamers

Despite what the label might read, some non-dairy coffee creamers have hidden trans fat in them. They usually contain hydrogenated oils that improve the creaminess and shelf stability, making it taste better but all the more unhealthy for you. Always consider better alternatives like natural milk, cream, or plant-based options that are free from these oils and fats.

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5. Fast Food French Fries

There's nothing like a fresh batch of McDonald's fries to snack on...that is, until you realized just how bad for you they are. French fries from most fast food chains are fried in oils that contain trans fats because it makes them even crispier and tastier. It might taste delicious, but you're compromising your health! Try turning to healthier options like baking them at home instead. It's definitely worth it.

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6. Frosting

Can you imagine enjoying a cake or cupcake without the frosting on top to complete it? Well, you might have to if you're trying to watch out for your health. That's because commercially prepared frosting is usually loaded in trans fats. It's what makes them maintain their spreadable consistency! 

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7. Packaged Cakes and Cookies

Sadly, buying delicious packaged cakes and cookies from the grocery store has a lot more negative effects than positive. While you might enjoy the sweet taste in the moment, your body definitely won't appreciate being transferred all those unhealthy fats. That's because most of these packaged goodies contain lots of trans fats that help preserve their moist texture and extend their shelf life. Always read the labels or bake them at home yourself!

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8. Breakfast Sandwiches

When you're wanting a quick to-go breakfast in the morning, you might opt for pre-made breakfast sandwiches from grocery stores, fast food chains, or restaurants. But unfortunately, we have to break the news to you that these are usually loaded in trans fats - particularly in the bread and processed cheeses. A much healthier alternative is just making them at home where you can use fresh ingredients and whole grain bread.

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9. Canned Chilli

Always read your labels before buying folks! Turns out, some canned chilis are loaded in trans fats, which is what enhances its flavour, texture, and shelf life. While you might see it as a tasty meal that can be put together in a matter of seconds, making it from scratch where you can fully control the ingredients is a much healthier option.

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10. Frozen Dinners

We know everyone loves convenience, especially during those weeks when you're just too busy to deal with cooking, but it's still important to make healthy choices for the sake of our bodies. Frozen dinners, particularly those with pie crusts or creamy sauces, often contain lots of trans fats. Instead, you should try implementing meal prep practices so you can enjoy fresh, healthy meals with just as much convenience.

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11. Vegetable Shortening

Vegetable shortening, which is usually used in baking to create those lovely flaky textures in pies and pastries, is very bad for you. It's made from partially hydrogenated vegetable oils meaning it's very high in trans fats and should be avoided as much as possible. Try to use healthier alternatives instead when baking - it's a sacrifice worth taking if it's for your own health.

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12. Fried Chicken

Though we all crave that juicy, crispy piece of fried chicken at 2am in the morning, you've got to do your best to resist! Fried chicken, especially when bought from a fast food chain, is usually cooked in hydrogenated oils which are high in trans fats. Though it enhances the flavour and crispiness of the chicken, its health risks are too significant to enjoy. If you're looking to really change your trans fat intake, try grilling or baking chicken at home instead.

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13. Margarine

Although there was once a debate about whether margarine or butter is healthier, it's pretty obvious now that butter is the clear winner. Margarine is most commonly used in baking and cooking, but it might be a good idea to start considering other options if you use it frequently. That's because they're high in trans fats as they're made from hydrogenated oils. It's really important that you watch your intake for this!

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14. Potato Chips

For all of you who love snacking, we know it's going to be hard to hear that your favourite crunchy snack, potato chips, needs to be avoided more often. Most storebought chip brands are fried in trans fat-rich oils that give it that crunch and flavour people crave. For a healthy alternative, and potentially fun experiment, try making them yourself at home - it's a lot easier than you might think!

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15. Crackers

Now this is one snack that is incredibly misleading. While many people might associate crackers to be healthier alternatives to other snacks like chips or packaged cookies, it simply isn't true. Always read the nutritional labels - some crackers are made with hydrogenated oils that can make them high in trans fats. Don't be deceived!

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16. Biscuits

Soft, fluffy, and delicious...sorry, but we're going to have to put a hold on your biscuit dreams. Because when you buy biscuits pre-packaged or from fast food restaurants, they're likely loaded in trans fats. It's what keeps them so soft and fluffy to begin with! If you really can't hold back on your biscuit cravings, it's a good idea to make them yourself instead, that way you can control the ingredients you're putting in it.

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17. Pie Crusts

We know pies are a quintessential American dessert, especially if it's apple or pumpkin, but it couldn't hurt to cut back a little for your own health. Commerically prepared pie crusts are to blame - they usually contain trans fats which give it that flaky, butteriness you love. If you're up for the challenge, making them by hand can be healthier for you; you might just discover a new passion in baking along the way too!

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18. Artificial Cheese

Artificial cheese may be good on almost everything, but it's definitely not very good for your body if you eat it too much. Certain types of cheese dips, spreads, and products that you buy from the grocery store can have a lot of trans fats that give it its texture and shelf life. Always try to go natural if you can - it'll help cut down on your trans fat intake.

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19. Ice Cream

Some brands of ice cream you can find at the supermarket, usually if it's a cheaper option, might include high amounts of trans fat that help to improve its texture and prevent freezer burn. You might have never done it before, but you should really check the label when picking out an ice cream to buy. Sometimes, it's worth spending the extra buck to get higher quality ingredients that are better for your health.

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20. Instant Noodles

Cheap, tasty, and filling when you're on a budget, instant noodles are a cult favourite snack or meal. That's why you might be devastated to hear that many of these products contain trans fats in their seasoning and noodles. It's important that you either check the labels or consider healthier options like cooking noodles yourself instead. Sometimes convenience isn't the best route to take after all.

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