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10 Fast Food Items You Can Only Get in Canada & 10 Only Found In The USA

Fast food is quick, convenient, and quasi-affordable—and despite warnings of too many calories lost in puddles of grease, we’ll never part ways. Unfortunately, not every menu item is available in every country, so let’s explore...

June 10, 2024 Maria Cruz


The Favourite Dishes of American Presidents

American presidents are some of the most highly-publicized and biographed figures in history. Every president you can think of has been meticulously studied and analyzed to the very last detail of their life, including their…

by David Davidovic Jul 17, 2024

20 Of The Weirdest Celebrity Food Habits

They say, “Stars are just like us,” but you know what? We’re not sure that’s true. From swallowing placenta pills to mixing eggs and peanut butter, A-listers are even more different than we thought. 1. Eating…

by Maria Cruz Jul 16, 2024

10 Foods You'd Be Surprised To Learn Are Vegan & 10 That Aren't

Transitioning into a vegan diet is definitely going to be a challenge that comes with a couple of hurdles, especially at the beginning. The biggest change is learning that you're going to have to carefully…

by Cathy Liu Jul 16, 2024

10 Common Food Myths & 10 That Are Actually True

With so much information out there, who’s to say what’s legitimate and what’s a total myth? After all, looking up one fact can lead you down a rabbit hole and next thing you know you…

by Maria Cruz Jul 15, 2024

The 10 Most Beloved Meat Dishes In America & The 10 Greatest Seafood Dishes

Would you call yourself more of a meat lover or a seafood lover? Or are you a bit of both, perhaps a surf and turf kind of guy? No matter what you prefer, you'll be…

by Cathy Liu Jul 15, 2024

The 10 Most Eaten Foods In The World & The 10 Most Rare

Have you ever stopped for a second while eating to think about if someone else in the world is eating the same thing as you in this exact moment? While there are some foods that…

by Cathy Liu Jul 11, 2024