Stop Eating These 10 Foods If You Want To Feel Full, Eat These 10 Instead

Stop Eating These 10 Foods If You Want To Feel Full, Eat These 10 Instead

It’d be nice if every food kept us satiated in the same way, but the sad fact is that some meals leave us wanting more. Calorie-dense foods high in sugar will beckon hunger much faster than lean protein ever would—so let’s dive into which foods are best at keeping hunger at bay.

1. Fast Food

Fast food is filled with all kinds of stuff that isn’t good for your body or hunger levels. You may feel satisfied in the moment, but the high fat, salt, and calorie count is guaranteed to either stick you in the bathroom or have you reach for more food. 

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2. Candy

We know candy is delicious, but it just doesn’t have any of the necessary nutrients to keep you full. Often loaded with sugar and calories, candy lacks protein and fiber and won’t keep you satiated the same way other foods can.

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3. White Bread

Refined carbs like white bread, rice, or pasta lack some pretty important nutrients that keep us full. If you’re looking for a more satisfying carb, whole grains are far better at filling your belly—they have more fiber and take longer to digest. 

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4. Soda

Though some beverages succeed at keeping us full, soda isn’t one of them. Both the regular and diet kinds are pumped with sweeteners, which don’t help with hunger. All that sugar also leads to weight gain and a higher risk of diabetes, so aside from its taste, soda doesn’t do much for your overall health.

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5. Cereal

Cereal is either loaded with sugar or lacks the right nutrients to keep us satiated. Unlike oatmeal, commercial cereals are pretty low in protein and fiber, meaning they might give you a quick energy boost but won’t help much beyond that.

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6. Baked Goods

Muffins, cakes, and croissants do wonders for the tastebuds but don’t do much for our hunger. In fact, they don’t do much for our general health either because they’re loaded with sugar, fat, and calories—all of which can lead to weight gain and have us craving more. So, you might enjoy that donut now but don’t expect it to keep your hunger at bay. 

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7. Fruit Juice

Whole fruit is much better at tackling hunger than its juice, so reach for a cup of fresh berries instead. More often than not, fruit juice is filled with sugar and doesn’t have the same fiber as the fresh stuff. Because of this, a glass can easily lead to weight gain and an unsatisfied feeling.

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8. Rice Cakes

Rice cakes might make a nice base for nut butters or fresh fruit, but they’re pretty bland on their own. Without enough fiber, rice cakes digest quicker than other snacks and therefore leave you hungrier. To make matters worse, they can impact your blood sugar when eaten as a standalone snack.

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9. Fat-Free Yogurt

Low or fat-free yogurt often suffers the same fate as diet soda—certain brands are packed with additives and sugar to make up for the low fat. Not only do those additives negatively affect your health, but they also don’t do much to curb hunger. 

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10. Chips

Have you ever eaten a bag of chips only to reach for another snack an hour later? That’s because chips lack nutrients, most are high in fat, and ultimately don’t offer any health benefits. They may be tasty but don’t count on them to keep you full between meals. 

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The good news is that from popcorn to eggs, plenty of foods exist to help you stay full. 


1. Oatmeal

Put down that bowl of cereal and reach for oatmeal instead. It’s one of the best breakfasts because it’s a relatively low-calorie option that’s rich in fiber, regulates blood sugar levels, and helps with weight management. Best of all, you can add peanut butter or chia seeds for a protein boost.

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2. Soup

Soup seems a little bland on the surface, but its versatility allows you to create a legitimately filling protein-rich bowl. From any veggies you add to the thickness of the soup, this item is one of the simplest and cost-effective ways to last between meals. 

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3. Avocado

Avocado is a beloved superfood known for its fiber and healthy fats, both of which contribute to a fuller stomach. It’s also versatile enough to work into multiple recipes, so you don’t have to worry about getting too creative. 

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4. Lean Protein

We all know protein is the key to staying fuller longer, so aim to eat more lean meats like turkey and chicken. Fatty fish like salmon and mackerel are also filled with enough healthy fats and protein to help you stay satiated throughout the day. 

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5. Nuts

Grab a handful of nuts to help you last between meals—they take longer to digest and are loaded with healthy fats. Feel free to include walnuts, peanuts, and almonds in your diet for a nutrient-rich snack that keeps you healthy and full.  

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6. Eggs

Eggs are rich in protein, nutrients, and vitamins, which not only support overall health but also work to keep you fuller between meals. Protein-rich foods are best at suppressing that nagging hunger, so starting your day with eggs is a good way to ensure you don’t snack too much before lunchtime.  

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7. Watermelon

Believe it or not, watermelon is more filling than it looks. Though it seems like nothing more than a summer staple, this fruit is packed with enough water to ward off hunger pangs. It’s low in calories but rich in nutrients and can even aid in regulating blood pressure.

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8. Cottage Cheese

Despite its unassuming appearance, cottage cheese is filled with protein and calcium—you’ll not only feel fuller for longer, but you’ll also protect your bones! It’s also filled with vitamins and nutrients, so grab a bowl of cottage cheese next time you feel peckish.

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9. Leafy Greens

Kale, spinach, and chard are classic leafy greens well-known for their health benefits. In addition to their iron, vitamins, and digestive aid, they also have enough fiber to help you last until your next meal. They have high water content, too, so it’s a win-win for satiety. 

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10. Popcorn

Pop a squat in front of the TV because popcorn is a low-calorie treat rich in fiber. So long as you omit all that butter, it’s easily one of the healthiest snacks out there and can even be enjoyed at night guilt-free. 

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